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From: Stomach
To: Jenni
Re: This Week

Yeah. So I kinda needed groceries since... Tuesday, but couldn't be arsed to go get them until... uh... two hours ago. Turns out my stomach's usual rule of "You don't feed me for more than 24 hours, don't expect to be able to feed me normally for a week, bitch" is still in effect. Blech.

Spent most of this morning getting my new driver's license (the address on the old one was outdated, and it bothered me), and driving Joe around so he could get his social security card, birth certificate, etc., since his had been lost and he needed those to get a photo ID so he could continue working at West. Well, he apparently needed a high school transcript or something along those lines, because no ID for him. So since Josh needs the photo ID as well, on Monday I'm taking them both to get the IDs. They won't be working on the same project I am anymore, but at least they should be able to do something at West.

Am panicking slightly, as Joe insists I go to a club with them sometime. He's also somewhat made it his mission to get me drunk, as I've never really consumed alcohol. Not looking forward to the extreme amount of "no"s that are going to go along with his suggesting of either action. In addition, I'm running out of socialization ability, fast. Work is one thing, but just hanging out with someone drains me - it's one of the main reasons why I'm usually so glad to get back to San Antonio. I can sort of recharge, if you will.

Huh. Seems like whenever I meet people, I wind up driving them around. Even if it's a group of people, I usually feel like the only reason I'm along is to provide the transportation. And in a way, it is - I dislike turning down excursions (particularly among the Pervert Crew) because I know that I'm the only one with constant access to a car, so if I don't go, there's a chance that no one gets to go. This is lessened slighly by Greg and John's ability to drive now, but given that neither of them always has access to a car, the accompanying guilt does linger. Perhaps the universe is telling me that my career choice should be along the lines of "Taxi Driver"...

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