The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

*snif* poor Tahoe of Doom.

Well, that was... wacky.
About 30-40 miles from Houston, I felt a jolt and a loss of momentum. I looked at the rpm dial and saw it was at '0'. I was in the left lane, and no one would let me pass into the right so I could take an upcoming exit or at least pull over to the side of the road. I instead pulled over into the median (luckily, it was at a point where I-10 is split in half, so there was a median. Otherwise, I'd have been sitting in the middle of traffic as my car eventually slowed to a stop). The car wouldn't go. I attempted to restart it, but the engine just stuttered at me. The battery was still functioning at least a little, (ye olde cell phone was charging happily, lights worked, I could roll down my windows, etc) but the engine wasn't making the full starting up noise.
As I was a good deal too far away to call anyone in San Antonio and still a good ways from Houston, I called first mom to let her know what was up. Then I dialed 911, got transferred to the county I was in. They said they'd send a tow truck, and got the number of my cell in case they needed to contact me. All well and good. Half an hour later, I get a call - whoops, wrong county. The right county is now sending a tow truck. Half an hour later, another call - am I the lady (that was weird, I'm not used to being called 'lady') on I-10 who needs a tow truck? Yes, I am. Okay, some sort of official would be by, you should actually see them in just a few minutes. I raised an eyebrow - yay for law enforcement officers and all, but unless I was supposed to kick them in the shins until they turned green and could carry my car to Houston, they weren't going to do me much good. And what about that tow truck they mentioned the first time around? But she did say 'a few minutes', so I figured I'd just hang out until said officer stopped by and ask them, since conceivably they'd be able to contact whoever had mentioned the tow truck.
I wait. 'A few minutes' turned into fifteen. Okay, understandable. They don't know exactly where I am.
Thirty. Okay, maybe a bit slow (as I did give them pretty specific directions - I was in the middle of the fucking interstate median, it's pretty hard to miss), but still understandable.
Forty-five. If the lady hadn't said 'a few minutes', I wouldn't be slightly miffed. But she did, so I am. But only slightly. Enough to maybe warrant the raising of an eyebrow.
An hour. Nope, still no one.
Then my dad showed up. He decided that odds were, no one would show up. So we took anything valuable or necessary (wallet, clothes, trout) from my car, went home and called a tow truck. So if said officer or the magical tow truck DOES show up before the guy we called, things should get interesting. Not the wisest of ideas to leave the car, but since our tow guy hasn't yet called us and said there was a problem, I'd wager that no one showed.

Now we get to play Musical Cars, with much switching, so that I can get back to San Antonio tomorrow in time for work on Monday. Whoooo, boy.

Whoa - turns out orochimike saw and recognized the car while taking someone home. How weird.

So yeah, I'm in Houston. :D

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