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Well, the Tahoe of Doom is back... but for how long?
Yeah, apparently it might be fixed, but no one has any idea what was or could potentially continue to be wrong with it - so I'll be taking the Big Blue Beast (el suburban) back to San Antonio.

Tish and I lurked about the mall and she collected many a job application. Hopefully she has had a chance to fill them out and turn them in. If not, well, BEATINGS. We also witnessed a girl who we hope to god had a boob job (because I'm fairly certain breasts don't do that naturally, and even if they do, that tube top was NOT sufficient containment), and one who looked like a slightly older version of shampookie. The best part of going to the mall is playing Fashion Police. Given how Tish and I dress, you'd think we'd be the last people on earth to have any right to say "s/he really should not be wearing that", but that doesnt' stop us. :D
Speaking of high fashion, I found the hentai hat. Rejoice!

The younger masses started school yesterday. Ah, memories. dontbeatme proved that he is more like me than he is willing to admit - during Freshmen Orientation on Wednesday, he calculated how many days until he graduated. That's my boy.

I keep hearing of some sort of 'scandal' that went on at last year's marching UIL. This intrigues me. Fellow band geeks, what happened with that? Who got what ratings? I've seen/heard it mentioned two or three times now, and I'm getting curious as to what sort of scandal you can really have in a marching contest.

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