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Going to Houston tomorrow, rather than today (as stomach has decided to be sicky, and the idea of a three hour drive makes my stomach churn without my ever having actually gotten into the car).

I like this years upstairs neighbors. My bathroom ceiling leaked for a few days, but that's stopped. And no stomping, at any hours. Nor are there parties. I ought to bake him/her/it cookies.

I'm cold enough that my nails are blue again. GO ME!

I've been neglecting this journal horribly. I'm such a bad blogger. I should be beaten.
[Now accepting applications for those who wish to administer the beating]

Oh! Oh! I do have a story I'd forgotten about.
On Wednesday, David and I decided it was time to leave our respective hidey-holes and wander into the vast world that is San Antonio. First, a Barnes and Noble. Chatted briefly with a guy in the comics section who resembled a somewhat manlier Kevin, wandered around calling David a woman (I'm going to give him a complex, just wait), and looked at all the pretty shiny books I cannot afford.
Then, MALL DE LA MUERTE. Or at least, that's what I'd call it if I had built it. Sounds a lot better than Ingram Park. We wandered around, saddened by Hot Topic and Claires, I called David a woman some more, and then we found our way to B Dalton's. Same guy we'd seen at B&N, checking out the comics. Creeeeeeeepy, no? Shut up, it's all I got.
While walking out of the bookstore, David pointed out the cover of a book with a disgruntled woman who I assume was the author on it. I commented that she seemed to have something lodged very firmly in her rectum. guy behind me who was innocently reading something cracked up - and said "I'm putting that in my webcomic". The magic words! Turns out he has a webcomic called "That's Life". Sadly, he did not know the URL as a friend of his apparently handles all computer stuff, and a search for "That's life" yeilds a whole lot that is not a webcomic.
We eventually left, and found a nice cardboard cutout of Legolas in the nearby FYE. After some giggling and discussion, David and I hurried back to webcomicartist-boy, to ask if he had any spare paper on him. He did not. Disappointed, we told him of our plan - make a sign saying "Still the Prettiest!" and attach it to Legolas. We're easily amused people. We did find some free flyers we could have used, but the girl working there informed us that since the cutout was for sale, we probably shouldn't do that. We were saddened. If it weren't for the fact that for ONCE I didn't have a pen on me, I'd have done it anyway. It's not like it would have damaged the cutout in any way, and who knows, it might have given someone a good laugh.

And that is the tale of the MALL DE LA MUERTE.

Seriously. MUCH better name.

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