The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain


If you did not ask me a question, I blow a raspberry in your general direction. PBBT!

aeire -- Is there a monkey? IN YOUR SOCKS?
Sadly, no. *weep*

zaecus -- If you could have all of your physical problems cured, but you had to grow a self-willed third arm, where would you want the arm to grow?
Probaby under and a bit in front of one of my existing arms. Gotta keep an eye on any limb with a will of its own, I'd think.

painispretty -- Where did you leave your glasses this time?
On my face. It doesn't speak well for me that I actually stopped to look for them after reading that question. Then I realized I only remove them to bathe and sleep.

ismelljello -- Where did i lose my keys?
Have you tried looking in the refrigerator? I found mine there once. God only knows HOW they got there.

gilesleary -- Will ML EVER exist again?
The smartass in me wants to say that it never stopped existing, since it's been in my head from the start. I suppose if you want to know when it will exist in a form you can read online, I'd have to say I honestly don't know.

poor_choices -- What's Goofy?
A doglike Disney character whose movies sucked, but whose little "educational" cartoons I very much enjoyed. He never spoke in those. Coincidence?

tamtrible -- What would you look like, if you could change your appearance totally? What would you retain, and what would you change? (assume you can do anything within the human-normal range)
Damn, that means no neckfrill, gills, wings, or prehensile tails. *shakes fist* I'd probably cut my height by about two to three inches, make my overall bone structure smaller (I am the definition of 'big-boned', I swear. While 50 lbs overweight, I could not lie on my stomach comfortably because my ribs dug into the floor), and reduce my weight to probably a third of what it currently is. I would then be the exact opposite of what I am now. I've always been huge, it would be great to be smaller than someone for a while. I've no idea what I would do with my face; I don't like it, but I'm not entirely sure what I would change. I would keep my hair, though I'd make it a bit thicker, like it used to be. And not so frizzy.

trasked -- How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him at home?

pookybear63 -- aye?

wulfsbane -- note that you could bring someone with, if you chose to
I suppose I WILL note that. But... that's not a question.

buhfly -- If you were a colour, what colour would you be?
I would be opalescent. I change too much.

wantedman -- I refuse on for ethic reasons.
Fair enough.

my_left_toe -- Why?

crazykiltman -- what's hardest to shave?
Given that I have at some point shaved nearly every part of my body that I can reach without thoroughly mangling myself with a razor (save for my head), I feel qualified to answer this. And for me, it is the back of my right ankle, right on the Achilles tendon. I cut myself there every single time. Science has not yet discovered the reason, but I'm assured by NASA that they're working on it. Or possibly they just said that so I'd stop calling.

station_wagon -- How the hell do I attach that pirate flag to other parts of my car besides my antenna? (The antenna is always down.)
I have no earthly idea. You could try removing the staples (which hold it to the blue part) and possibly gluing or taping it somewhere.

sardona -- Are the purple monkeys dancing laciviously with the spoons again?
Always, always with the dancing!

slipjig -- What is your greatest regret of the past week? Your greatest want? Your greatest accomplishment?
Greatest regret... Hrm. I didn't do much of anything this week, nevermind anything I'd regret. Don't really have one. Greatest want was, at the time, for someone to cuddle with. Did not get that. Greatest accomplishment was probably going to class when I was supposed to (yes, I consider this an accomplishment. Shut up).

heathclk -- hearts or smilies boxers?
Smilies, all the way. With fangs.

jenndolari -- What would be your perfect day?
This will take a while to answer. Hrm.
I would wake up after having had a nice, deep sleep. Whether or not someone is in the bed with me depends on my mood at the time when I am asked to describe the perfect day, right now, no, I'd be alone. I get dressed and go to a job I enjoy. This could be any job, as long as I enjoy it. Hell, I could be feeding cute little kittens to alligators, but if it turns out I enjoy feeding cute little kittens to alligators, so be it (actually, it's probably not unlike telemarketing). After work I return home to shower and change into comfy pajamas, after which I read interesting books, draw interesting pictures, and chat with interesting people online. I go to bed when I damn well feel like it because I know I will be rested regardless of how much sleep I get.
That's it, really.

tashasworld -- What kind of question?
Not that kind. :D

dontbeatme -- SQUEEEEEEEE!

emperor_boy -- How is Emma?
Loud, and rather clingy, as you have now seen for yourself.

vampiricangel -- What do you hold most dear to you?
So far as material posessions, my car (well, technically my parents' car, as I do not own it) and gas to run it. So long as I have a car or vehicle of some sort, I am okay. Otherwise, the people I care about.

kiskia -- If you could have one SUPER power, what would it be and why?
Telepathy. I'd like to know if my guesses about what people are thinking are right. And I doubt it'd drive me mad, it's not like it can get any noisier in my head.

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