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Death... by Oongaboonga!

I am wearing my Disgustingly Happy Yellow Sweater. I regretted buying this sweater the instant I took it out of its sad little plastic wrapping (for it was bought online, which is easier for me to deal with than actually going into a store). I did not return it because I am such a wimp that returning an item because I was too dense to realize what this color would look like in person, on ME seems like far too stupid a reason and far too much of a hassle. Besides, knowing my cheapness, it was probably on clearance. I actually have the same sweater in a pale green (apparently, I look good in green. I cannot wrap my mind around the concept that I look good in anything, but I do like green, so it all works out) and black (like my soul, blahblahblah). They all fit quite differently despite the fact that they are supposed to be exactly the same in every way save for color. This one's sleeves are longer than my arm, and the green ones barely come past my elbows. Perhaps the green one has merely had one too many tumbles through a dryer. The black one is rapidly becoming fuzzy despite the fact that it is not a fuzzy sort of sweater.
But yes, it is a Disgustingly Happy Yellow. Not just a bright yellow, but a pale bright yellow. The sort of color that looks good on no one, and anyone who says it does in fact look good on them is lying.

Nicole and I, the first time she saw me wear it (with black pants, over a black tank top)
Nicole: Yellow and black, eh? Quite a fashion statement.
Me: *looking down at my clothes* Yes, yes it is. Unfortunately, that statement is: "I AM A BEE!"

People who spell words in their LJ username incorrectly make me worry (and I don't mean things like "u" for "you" or other bits of netslang, and this applies to English words misspelled by native English speakers only). How do I know it's not intentional? The correct spelling isn't being used.

Let's hear it for Boy George, who is thoroughly stomping out the stereotype that all homosexual males have excellent (or even any) taste in fashion. Gay men are human, which means sometimes making (hideous) mistakes when it comes to dressing themselves. Good to know I'm not alone. Though there is a theory that I am secretly a gay man. Only time will tell (no, it won't).

All right, I think this post contains roughly my daily allotment of Silly.

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