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Drove into Houston last night, as my baby is apparently running fine and ready to come home. YAY TAHOE OF DOOM.
Tish had told me her address over AIM before I left, and I had put her phone number in a private LJ post so I could call her when I got here - unfortunately, the 'net connection was down last night. Going on my memory, I found the apartment complex and knocked on the door... no answer. I went home to find she'd called. Turns out I was one digit off on the apartment number. SO glad those people weren't home. I wandered over, and there was much merriment and many, many penis jokes (Set and I had Tish hiding in her room for quite some time, fearing our talk of cock).
Eventually we got around to the real reason I'd come over - to help move the gargantuan TV Set had purchased into their apartment. Problem? We couldn't get it out of the car. It was that big. After much turning and grunting and twisting and almost squishing Tish beneath the ridiculously large television, it was on the ground beside the car. Vast improvement. Lifting it proved futile; I've grown weaker (which annoys me to no end, must work out) and that thing was heavier than Tish. And much more unwieldy. Something like 36", Set said.
I named it "Compensation". Set refuses to drop trou to prove me wrong, so the name stays. :D
Tish and I went by my house to collect Gabriel and a dolly (dolley? dollie? Is there a different spelling when it's a device used to move heavy objects as opposed to a toy?), both of which were helpful in maneuvering the tele around the sidewalk and up the stairs.

We then spent almost an hour standing around, molesting Set. Well, I molested Set. Gabriel just scared him.

Quotes of the night?
"Cthulhu? I'll show you Cthulhu!"

My LJ account expires in 17 days. Must find job and save up for a permanent account...

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