The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Mmmm, sweet sweet laundry. I love the smell of clean laundry. I'd wash my sheets every day if I had the cash.

It's probably not normal to see a pair of skull-and-crossbones earrings and immediately exlaim "how darling!", but I did. And they ARE. I am wearing them now and will probably wear them every day until/unless they make my ears fall off or something. Now I just need to locate a new smiley pendant to draw fangs on and I'll be set. Sure, my jewelry will make my mother shake her head and pretend it's not there, but I will enjoy it.

Mom was on Nicole's AIM screenname for about 10 minutes earlier today. Scared the crap out of me. I am glad I did not attempt to send her any questionable links. Such as, well... almost all links I offer on this LJ might be considered 'questionable' by my mother...

David was feeling down, so I brought him ice cream (because Harley is right, sweet creamy goodness will fix anything), and we watched Maverick. I was amused. David was also, I could tell because his toes wiggled. THE TOES DO NOT LIE. Mel Gibson is adorable in that movie. David informs me that I am going to watch Indiana Jones movies with he and jessiesparkgrrl tomorrow (today?). I was not given a choice in this matter. Since "Indiana Jones and _______" (I forget the actual names of the Indiana Jones movies) are on the list of 'Movies I Should See, Though I Have Never Seen Them Because I Live Under A Rock', I suppose there are worse things to be ordered to do. That is a VERY long list, mind you. In fact, I'd wager that most movies that people allude to in casual conversation or make references to in comics or posts, are movies I have never seen, though after hearing it so much I can sometimes place the quote. I love movies, I love the idea of making them, I love looking for references and in-jokes, I love studying makeup and costuming, but watching them bothers me. It's too passive. There's nothing to keep my mind really occupied while the pretty people run around onscreen and ocasionally toss witty one-liners back and forth. It's not an unpleasant experience, but if I have the option to read the book it was based on, or even the script, I'd much prefer that.

And I would just like to remind you all that Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron bothers me to no end. Because horses do not have eyebrows.
That is all.

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