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There is nothing of value in this entry. Hooray!

There is -*gasp*- new art in bravostuff (pluggity pluggity plug). Actually, two of the images are old, but I never posted them anywhere, so have at 'em.

My throat BURNS. This is probably a direct result of my increase in coffee consumption. And that whole "my body hates me" thing. My stomach has gone from refusing food to DEMANDING it every day at around 5-6 pm by giving me gnawing hunger pains so bad that I begin dry-heaving and feel sick when I do eat. Someday my body will understand the concept of "overkill". Some glorious day. Maybe then I can actually have a proper diet. That would be nice.

I have an Economics test tomorrow, and a Trig test on Friday. I am seriously doubting my ability to do well on either. Hell, I am beginning to doubt my ability to pass either.

I still want to know who has a secret crush on me. Not knowing creeps me out. I know it's just a silly meme, but still. *tugs on hair* I NEED to KNOW.

I gave up on the doctor's office ever calling me back, so I called them again. After getting put on hold three times and talking to two different receptionists (the poor things sounded so busy), I finally wrangled an appointment... in two weeks, with a doctor who is not my normal gyno. YAY FUN. I am contemplating looking up my former English professor and giving him a call in the interim, as that whole "intense desire to die" thing has been flaring up of late, to the point where sometimes I should not be left alone in a room with myself or sharp objects. In a stunning display of what is probably denial, I have convinced myself that everyone is like that sometimes. Right?

My one consolation is that my eco textbook was written by my spastic, delightfully geeky professor, so it's not difficult or excessively boring (at least, not moreso than economics is as a rule) to read.

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