The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Weekend Update.

One of today's more interesting spam titles offers me the opportunity to "Add size to your Penis cellular". I get the image of businessmen walking around, talking into cocks rather than cell phones. Maybe using their genitalia as cell phones. Now that would be amusing.

Friday night I arrived at Casa Bravo*. Ate dinner with my parents and Emma, and then mum, the kidlet, and I went to the football game. My old high school was playing Tish's old high school. I spent most of the time chatting with band members (past and present, as a couple former band people were there). The show sounded pretty good, looked okay. There's a tuba player scheduled for execution shortly due to his inability to march, play, or have any worth as a musician.

Saturday I woke up at about 2-3 AM, unable to sleep. I piddled about in the dark and creepy house until about 7:30 or so, at which point emperor_boy showed up to return a calculator. Nicole left at some point during the morning for the band car wash and a day of RenFaire, so I think I actually saw her for all of two minutes. Tish was fed and took a nap while I alternately cooked and played Mario Party with Emma. I had never played before, as I usually avoid video games. I decided that I avoid them with good reason. My attention span is too short. I wanted to go do something else (namely the kitchen-cleaning and cooking I still had left to do) before Emma and I were halfway through the game. That, and my hand-eye coordination is shitty.
Tish, Emma and I went to the Bead Store where they got beads to make necklaces and I found a cute little skull charm-thing. Its jaw is hinged so it opens and shuts. It's still in Houston, damn my forgetfulness. Emma will take care of it until I return. We then saw Tish's place of employment (one of the neatest-looking buildings I've seen for a while) and went to Target to get socks. Yay for socks.
I took Tish and Greg to see Kill Bill, but I didn't feel like seeing a movie and my eyes were about to close anyway, so I dropped 'em off and told 'em to just give me a call for rides home.
Today consisted of cleaning, church, and driving back home while staring into the sun. My eyes hurt.

It delights me, too! Funny-looking purplefrog. It's so cute.

*Seeing as that I feel my apartment counts as "home", and it is annoying to have to say "My family's house" every time I refer to the place I resided previously, I am currently deciding on a name for it. It's either Casa Bravo or Casa del Wacky. Hell, I may use 'em both.

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