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I don't have penis envy, just vagina loathing.

Oh, wait, no. No yay for cramps. Boo for cramps. God bless Vioxx, which I swallow like sweet-sweet pain-relieving candy. I suppose I should be glad that the (not-so-)Monthly(-anoymore) Mutiny of Pain showed up at all without having to be coaxed with drugs, but frankly I wish I could dig out my entire reproductive system with a spoon and ignore the whole thing. I don't care if I'd never get to have sex, since I'm not too keen on the whole idea in the vast majority of cases anyway; I don't care if I'd never get to reproduce, as I'd make a horrible parent; I don't care if my hormones would go all wacky, they're already wacky; I don't care if I'd mutate into some hideous beast, I already believe I am a hideous beast. I have no desire to be male, but I sure as fuck hate being female. *HISSSSSSS*
The boobs would be much less of a nuicance without the hormones making them all kinds of painful, so I don't care if they go or stay.

I crave overpricedcoffeedrink. I really shouldn't have overpricedcoffeedrink, for financial and caloric reasons. But that does not mean I want it any less. Mmmmmmmmm, overpricedcoffeedrink.

I really shouldn't be awake, either. I crashed after classes, woke up from cramps, and slept some more when the Vioxx kicked in. I've been awake since about midnight. Probably not too good. Am tempted to make an attempt to NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. I doubt it would work. Drat.

I'm with ramaxela on this one... It doesn't matter how awesome you are, anyone will sound like a pretentious snot when discussing 'their novel' (NaNoWriMo). But I still love you all. I just won't be able to avoid making this face:
for most of November.

madplanet earns my love forever for giving me this link.

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