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Gobble Gobble Snarf Munch a-WOOOOga, and Other Noises Gabriel Makes While Eating...

Yes. Made two dishes full o' the CASSEROLE OF DELICIOUSNESS, which involves green beans, corn, and cheese. I would willingly eat this daily. I don't know why we only make it at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We gobble the leftovers for as long as they last (never long) with nary a complaint nor longing for any other foodstuffs. Perhaps part of the deliciousness is due to the fact that it is such a rare food upon our table. I will test this theory by taking the recipe home with me and eating it for a month. If by January I am ill at the very thought (and oh, I doubt it), we shall have our answer.

My cousin Julie is here with her husband and her two (very cute) children. They don't visit often, as they're from England. Nicole has discovered that the only thing cuter than a small child is a small child with a British accent. While not nearly so fond of children as she is, I would have to agree that they ARE adorable. They're also remarkably well-behaved (they are about 1 and 3, I believe), and somehow our house manages to be largely baby-proof through merit of keeping everything in cupboards and on shelves or countertops too high for them to reach.

... and Gabriel is teaching Simon (Julie's husband with the delightfully British accent) to play counterstrike. Most houses hear things such as "No running in the house!", "No hitting your sister!", etc. Ours has "No sniping!".

In about an hour I will pick up the wenchling and we will go to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Set has to work. ;____; We shall attempt to send Tish home with food for him, if there is any. If not, perhaps he will be awake and/or free tomorrow, for the anniversary party, where we will again willingly stuff anyone who gets too close to the house full of tasty food. Our family has yet to turn down an opportunity to feed people. I sometimes want roommates just so I'll have someone to cook for. o_O

As for the thanks? Well, there's family, and you, naturally.
But if I'm doing anything right, you hopefully already knew that. :D

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