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Okay. So this afternoon, I began the cleaning of the apartment. Nothing too big, just needed to mop/vaccuum the floors and put some clothes away. Noticed something behind my toilet. A hole. A very obviously chewed hole. The floor around the toilet looks gnawed-on, too. Great. Fantastic. I have some sort of rodent living in my bathroom. Will be calling maintenance and getting a new toothbrush, then.
Began cleaning the kitchen. I open the cabinet beneath the sink to get a new garbage bag... and lo and behold, rodent droppings. There's already a hole in the cabinet, made for pipes/wires/whatever. I saw no other holes, and I know no rat is strong enough to open my cabinet doors and shut them again, so I assume that's how they got in. Under the sink is also where I keep my pots and pans. So those are going to be thoroughly washed in scalding water and lots of soap before each use until this is taken care of. Nothing else in my apartment appears to be chewed on, and I've seen no droppings except for under the sink.

Neither of these were there before I left for Houston, I am absolutely certain of it.

First thing tomorrow, I inform the office of my new 'pets'. Maintenance probably hates me, because I almost always wind up being in my apartment, showering, asleep and/or naked when they show up to do their monthly checking of the air filter and fire extinguishers. So I don't let them in, because by the time I've stumbled out of bed (if I hear them at all), found clothes, etc. they've already tried the lock, discovered that I use the little bar lock because I know they have a key, and moved on.

I'm not actually scared of rats and mice. In fact, I've wanted a rat -as a pet- for years now. However, I know how destructive rodents can be (the little buggers have already chewed up my bathroom floor behind and just around my toilet), and I have no desire to pay for a large number of repairs to my apartment when I leave. And while tame, pet rats rarely have communicable diseases, there is no way to tell with wild ones, and I'd prefer not to contract any disease from their droppings ON MY COOKING IMPLEMENTS.
Also, I do not like the idea of getting up in the middle of the night for some water and sttepping on something squeaky and furry. I think that would probably be bad both for the rodent and myself.

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