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story idea...

Been working on this one since a random thought during World History last year. It's been rather dormant. I'm thinking of bringing it back to life.

Ben and Gloria

Ben Harrison:
age: 19
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown

Gloria O'Connell
age: 18
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140
Hair color: red
Eye color: blue

::Scene 1::
Ben is asleep at his desk, on a pile of books and papers. He's obviously been studying pretty hard lately. His computer is next to him,
humming something.

The phone rings.

Jerking awake, Ben scrambles around to find the phone, failing to due to the groggy state of his mind at the moment as papers and books fly
everywhere. The answering machine gets it.

"Hi, this is Ben,
- Or Alex!
Yeah, or Alex. Anyway, we're not home right now,
- Or who knows, maybe we're trying to avoid someone we don't like!
Uh, so leave a message...
- If we don't call you back, it's you!"

"Hi, uh, Ben? It's Glori... heh... showed you, huh? I told you I wouldn't forget, hehe. Anywhom, I live over on fifteenth and Jennings road,
Evermore Apartments, number 302. Just stop by later tonight, ok? 'Round seven is good. It'll be open. Bye, Ben... I love you!"

Ben finally manages to disentangle himself from the mess on his floor. He walks to the phone, standing there looking at it for a second
before finally cracking a smile.

"She hasn't changed a bit."

::Scene 2::
"Dude, you're going OUT?" Alex jaw almost hit the floor. "With a GIRL?"

"Old friend from high school." Ben pulled on his jacket. "She called me out of the blue. Wanted to keep an old promise to me."

Alex grinned. "Oh? What kind of promise? Eh? Little Benny gonna get some?"

Ben paused for a moment. "Not likely."

ALex rolled his eyes. "You're no fun. But damn... This chick must be something. I haven't seen you leave except for class and groceries since
you got here."

Ben smiled as he opened the door. "Yeah. Yeah, she is."

::Interlude 1::

Ben is walking to Gloria's apartment, thinking to himself.

{I once told her that I didn't think I was very memorable. I said no one would remember I existed after high school. She took the bet. Bet me
twenty dollars that she would remember me. I guess I'm out twenty, then. I can live with that.}

Ben is walking through a park, it's getting dark, and the walkways are empty save for the occasional elderly couple out for a walk. It's
winter, and most of the flowers and vegetation are gone.

{She was always so happy. She couldn't understand why I wasn't, sometimes. That was before they gave me any medication. She got so upset when
I was unhappy. She was the only person who saw me cry.}

He zips his jacket as the wind picks up.

{I guess she knew what it was like, not fitting in. She wasn't really pretty or very good at anything in particular. But she didn't ignore
me, and that was something. She listened to me. Every now and then... she made me laugh. And she ended every conversation with 'I love you'.}

Ben reaches her apartments and glances up. On the third floor, there's a light on in the window.

{Here's to old times.}

::Scene 3::

Ben knocks on the door to apartment number 302 and it swings open. Inside is a blinding rush of light and color. He sniffs the air,
smelling... paint?


"Huh? Oh god, is it seven already? Crap! Hang on, I'll be right out... I'm covered in paint, gotta change."


"Have a seat. There's beer in the fridge if you want some... some soda or something, too, just look."

"Nah, I'm okay."

Ben sits down on the couch, which faces the door. There's paint spattered everywhere, the floor is covered in a large dropcloth, so is most
of the furniture. The couch is uncovered and spattered with long-dry paint.

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