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Oh man. I ♥ my family.
Gabriel keeps... I don't know, he appears to have seizures of some sort, while flopping about on me. Since they aren't real seizures, they're damned amusing. Except that his chin is pointy, and it always winds up on my tender skull (tender because I BONK MY HEAD on short cars when I get in, and I had to rent a car while mine gets repaired, and it is shorter than I'm used to). He also insists he's going to sample the noises I make when poked. For those who have not experienced the joy and squeakiness that is Jenni Being Poked, it's a lot like this, only with different sounds depending on where you poke me. And I'm slightly less furry. About as round, though.

Last night we all sat around and told stories about the wacky things we did to scar Gabriel for life as kids. Like when Nicole had a 'garage sale' and sold him all this useless junk (dead batteries, bent-up paperclips, toothpaste caps, etc.), the prices conviniently adding up to all the money Gabe had (not much, as he was something like four or five). Or the time when he kept throwing garbage everywhere while we were outside, and so Nicole and I pointed out the ants coming to eat the food (He's allergic to ants) and told him that if he kept littering, ants were going to show up everywhere, and they would cover the earth and bite him all over. He was very earth-conscious for the next couple of years.

We also discussed Emma's take on whether or not Santa exists, which she and Nicole had discussed. She pointed out that none of her friends believed in Santa, and that there were always presents under the tree before Christmas. But then, she said, sometimes you just have to believe in things. Like God*. Nicole asked how she knew God was real. Emma looked at her and matter-of-factly informed her that it was because "Bibles are in the NON-fiction section of the bookstore!"
I love 8 year-old logic. :D

*Prior to this discussion:
jenni_the_odd:Does Emma know that Santa doesn't exist, yet?
my_left_toe: I think so.
dontbeatme: Great! So when do we tell her the truth about God?
Mom: Gabriel!
jenni_the_odd: Ah, don't worry, he's going to heck anyway.
dontbeatme (cheerfully) We all are!

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