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If you call me Jennifer, you knew me from church when I was younger (and like most members of the church I attended, are probably now over 70)
If you call me Jennifer B., you knew me at school from pre-K through third grade, and that last initial was crucial to identifying me amidst the three or so other Jennifers in my class.
If you call me Jeni al'Terra/Jeni, you knew me from Dragonmount during the time period where I was a Wheel of Time fan as well as the Most Annoying Person Alive and went through several Mary Sue characters very badly and very rapidly. I shudder at the memory.
If you call me Jennifer A. Bravo, you know me only from my time at Elfwood.
If you call me Jenni the Odd (with or without underscores), you know me from Deviantart, Livejournal, AIM, or ICQ.
If you call me the Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain... you're weird, no one actually calls me that.
If you call me Jenni-sama or Jenni-sensei, you are one of three or four freshmen/sophomores my junior and senior years who cannot seem to understand that neither they nor I are Japanese, and thus the titles sound really, really stupid.
If you call me Jenni, you're either too lazy to add the "the Odd", or you know me in meatspace. Or possibly from the few times I wandered onto IRC.
If you call me Mom, you are Emma making a mistake that amuses me greatly (she did this twice last time I visited).
If you call me Mommy, Jenni-mommy, Mommeh, etc., you are Tish.
If you call me Wench, you are probably Alex, though it's possible you could be a family member.
If you call me CrackWhore or even just Whore, you are Nicole or Gabriel feeling a surge of sibling-y love.
If you call me Jen-NI-fer (accent on "ni"), you are my father, uncle Rolando, or aunt Claudina addressing me fondly.
If you call me 'Fer, you are my mother being weird. No one understands her insistance upon addressing me by the last syllable of my first name. No one. My best friend from fourth through seventh grade, Kara, also called me this sometimes.
If you call me Jenni-Jen-Jenn-Jenni-Jen-Jen-Jenni-Jen(etc), you are one of my siblings after having just watched Muppet Treasure Island, and I am about to stab you.

I have absolutely no recollection of what I went by from fourth through sixth grade. I'm pretty sure I spent some time as a Jenny, but I don't remember. I might have gone straight to Jenni.

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