The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Stolen from ameinias, who got it from painispretty, who took it from someone, but it doesn't matter who.

Mkay. The idea is, you bold the statements that apply to you, and replace the ones that don't with ones that do.
01. At least once a day I stop and go '... wait, I'm 19. Woah.'. I take it it will take me about a year to get used to it, and then I can do it all over again for 20.
02. I have a lot of interests - that is, things that will catch my eye and keep my attention about as long as the average shiny thing - but virtually no passions.
03. I don't read as much as I feel I ought to.
04.I hate my hair. It looks good for two hours a day on one day a year, provided the planets are in proper alignment.
05. Sometimes everyday feels like I'm just trying to avoid dying in embarassing ways. Actually, I am actively trying to avoid dying in embarassing ways. I've pretty much come to terms with the idea that sooner or later I'm going to kill myself (in less a 'gothtastic' manner than an 'okay, done now' sort of way), it's really just a matter of going "well, is my apartment clean? I didn't leave any dirty clothes lying around, or a half-eaten sandwich on the counter to attract insects?" One day I will inform my mom that my messy habitat is what keeps me alive.
06. I alternately feel much, much older than I am, and much, much younger. I didn't develop anything that could be mistaken for a personality until about halfway through high school, so I'm still putting myself together into some semblance of a human.
07. I am never going to get the hang of colouring in photoshop, even though I understand the theory perfectly.
08. I also hate people who TypE LyKe D1s.
09. I love getting LJ comments because it reminds me that I'm alive and there are people who have taken notice of this fact. Things like text messages (I don't know if I even have text messaging capability on my phone... I don't touch the damned thing unless I absolutely have to), emails, or phone calls irritate me only because I am almost 100% certain to ignore them for days at best, months at worst.
10. I have a thing for guys with floppy hair. Or, as Kevin described it: "Just long enough to be annoying".
11. I think Grape-Nuts look and taste like kitty litter. Or at least, what I assume kitty litter tastes like.
12. I am the oldest child of the youngest child on my mother's side.
13. I love dogs. Most animals, really. Just being in the same room as an animal will calm me down and cheer me up. Depressed? Kitty makes everything better. It's hard to cry when there's a lizard tickling your arm with its claws.
14. I go through cycles loving everyone I know so much that it hurts, and literally not giving a rats ass if they are alive or dead. After a drama-rich period, I no longer tell anyone when the latter is the case. It doesn't happen too often, anyway. As far as you all are concerned, I love you all the time. ALWAYS.
15. I decided recently that I want to see Canada, because (unless ramaxela and other Canadians on my friends list have been lying to me) it seems like a nifty place. I also want to visit the UK sometime, but Canada is a bit more likely to someday happen.
16. I honestly think that a large portion of the world's problems could be solved through better parenting. I believe that breeding licenses should be instituted and that people convicted for certain crimes (rape, murder, etc.) should be sterilized, but I know it'll never happen while we're still pretending to be a democracy. Having children is a privilege, not a right.
17. Eating anything before about noonish is almost certain to make me feel sick for most of the day.
18. I would be thankful for my learning experiences if I felt I actually learned anything from them. Unfortunately, I spent my life in a cosntant state of "Durrr..." and so I generally don't take all that much away from events in my life.
19. I believe stupidity should be painful, in direct proportion to the degree and regularity of stupidity. I believe that extreme, repetitive stupidity should be lethal.
20. I used to read and write slash religously, until about 4-5 months passed, and i got all slashed out and now find the entire thing scary. I do 'slash' people or characters in that squick-your-friends way of simply stating the names, but I don't write the stuff (all my writing amounted to was, I think, two or three fluff fics).
21. I would love to be a famous comic book artist, but I know damn well I don't have the patience, the skills, the drive, or the stories to make it.
22. I don't dye my hair, and have never seen a good reason to do so.
23. I like all sorts of music. Even some of the really, really bad stuff. I do, however, LOATHE Outkast's "Hey Ya". I am seriously in the minority on that one.
24. I used to pretend to be a dinosaur when I was little.
25. It bothers me when people look at me while I'm out in public. I'm terribly hypocritical about this, as I spend most of my time outside my apartment people-watching.
26. Celery in chicken broth is a big comfort food for me. Come to think of it, pretty much all my comfort foods are soup - though what kind of soup depends on my reason for wanting comfort. o__O
27. Writing essays freaks me out, every time. I seem to do decently well on them anyway.
28. My handwriting is very messy and unreadable to even me, sometimes.
29. I often forget to check my snail-mail for weeks at a time. This is only bad because it means I'm late paying bills, because I don't put anything IN the mailbox, either.
30. I've never been to a con, and don't plan on ever going.
31. I was very sheltered as a child. In 3rd grade or so a kid slipped and said "Damn!" in front of me, then begged me not to tell the teacher. I didn't get it - I had no idea what a curse word was.
32. I want a new lj layout but I have no idea how to take my mockup and turn it into a real layout.
33. Libraries have made so much money off me and my late fees. I'm terrible about remembering to return books.
34. The Harry Potter books are cute. Some of the fandom really scares me, but what scares me more is that I find a lot of the funny slashy links that flit around LJ cute as well (Naked Quidditch, anyone?).
36. I didn't really find Orlando Bloom to be all that attractive until I saw him being a complete dork in the Pirates of the Caribbean outtakes.
37. I like Star Wars. I also like reading about how Star Wars got made.I used to be very interested in movie-making, but came to my senses a while back and mostly dropped it.
38. I've had people tell me that I have never been happy. I am confused by this, as no one I regularly talk to outside my family has known me for my whole life, and therefore they could not have any idea if I have never or always been anything.
39. I regularly seem to exist just to prove horoscopes and astrology charts wrong beyond belief.
40. I don't like Real Person Slash (RPS). In fact, I find it creepy beyond belief unless it's being referred to in that joking kind of way.
41. Tolkein, like 99% of fantasy, bores the hell out of me.
42. I used to really like role-playing. I don’t do it much any more.
43. As much as I adore a lot of the clothing, makeup, and hair generally associated with 'goth' culture, I'm not all that 'goth' m'self. More accurately, I have no idea what 'goth' IS.
44. I'm not really a geek, either. I don't know much about computers - or any technology, really - haven't read most of the required geeky reading list, not interested in video games, and I don't care much about anime. I lack pretty much all the little obsessions that geeks generally have. I do *like* geeks, though.
45. I'm closer to a lot of people online than I am to people in real life. In addition, I'm more at ease and closer to people online than I am to the same people in real life. With very, very few exceptions, I like it that way.
46. Who I am online is sometimes who I am in real life. I have been accused of having multiple personalities based on the differences in my writing from day to day, or in one place vs. another.
47. I like artwork that says something, even if that something is open to interpretation.
48. Diet Coke with Lime is the nectar of the GODS.
49. I am addicted to Livejournal.
50. I try to find out WHY I dislike or like something or someone, rather than just accepting that I do.
51. Implants bother me.
52. My car smells funny. We have determined that this is a result of too many smelly teenagers, spilled drinks/food, and misc. other madness, all permeating the seats and carpet with their odor.
53. I cannot recall seeing my parents be really affectionate.
54. I'm a wimpy sushi fan. The texture of raw fish kind of squicks me, so I stick to vegetarian or California rolls.
55. I love singing, even though I can't do it very well.
56. Fangirl Japanese is the most annoying mode of speech ever (after Mockney and FauxGhetto)
57. I'm not a fan of tattoos. I've seen some that look good, but then I picture them on an 80 year-old and... they don't.
58. My abuelo died when I was very young. I don't remember him.
59. I have never met most of my extended family.
60. I have about 7 pairs of shoes, but only really wear two
61. I used to care so much about the environment, but that's dwindled down to a vague "yeah, trees are good" sort of thing.
62. I think cities are beautiful.
63. I like many Disney movies, despite their butchering of the stories, but the more recent ones make me very, very sad.
64. I've never seen the Rocky Horror Show Live
65. I have problems with most bodily functions, especially in girls.
66. I'm right-handed
67. I wear my watch all the time, removing it (sometimes) for showers and usually to brush my hair (it gets caught if I don't).
68. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea how many times I've been in love.
69. I hate shaving my legs, but I don't like the way my hairy legs look.
70. I like my personal space bubble
71. It continually amazes me how much trouble people have in relationships because no one taught them how to communicate with another human being.
72. I do not believe that love needs to be reciprocated to be complete.
73. I like thrift stores and resale shops, because you can find the weirdest shit there. I like them more when I weigh less and can fit into more things.
74. I had bangs once and looked like a dolt.
75. I love slogan t-shirts.
76. I care about clothing brands just enough to generally avoid them. I think they look tacky.
77. I like tea. While studying, I will often go on 'tea binges', during which I can drink something like 20 cups of the stuff over the course of several hours. My tea preferences run more towards the girly fruity teas than the 'real' black teas, though.
78. I am immature for my age, I used to be extremely mature for my age, but everyone advanced past me.
79. When I let my mind wander, it goes in scary directions.
80. While I'm not vegan or even vegetarian intentionally (or for any moral reasons), I am very interested in vegan and vegetarian recipes. I don't know why.
81. I have a strange variety of makeup, though I rarely use it. As Kevin-from-Spanish said the one time he saw me wear it, "What's the point?"
82. Pretty much without fail, I always jab myself in the eyeball when trying to apply eyeliner. My hands shake too much.
83. I used to bite my nails, then I just stopped from one day to the next. I’ve started chewing my knuckles instead.
84. The fact that by the time I post this, damonk13 and ocarina will FINALLY be together for good after over a year of dealing with all kinds of shit keeping them apart makes me smile so hard my face hurts. But it hurts in a good way.
85. I dislike closed minded people. Prejudiced but willing to learn? Fine. Closeminded? Like talking to a brick wall.
86. I daydream a lot.
87. I often think I should feel something other than I do, or more strongly than I do. In the cases where I do feel something very strongly, it generally makes little sense that it should matter so much to me.
88. I am extremely vain in a very hopeless way. I very much want to be attractive, but my body has conspired to make everything I want completely impossible. I have a different standard of beauty for myself than for everyone else.
89. Making generalizations drives me nuts because half the time I know at least a few people who are blatant exceptions, which means that to me the generalization isn't at all accurate because half the people I know who it would apply to don't follow it.
90. Right now my family has the least number of animals that we have ever had. It saddens me, a little.
91. Even when I have an opinion I feel strongly about, I am constantly worried that there's something I don't know, that the opposition does, and thats' why they have the stance on the issue that they do.
92. I am the only person I know in meatspace who doesn't play video games. Aside from Puzzle Pirates, I don't play any computer games, either.
93. I doubt I will live much past 25, if at all.
94. I dislike my own birthdays because of the expectations attached.
95. I am glad I was not an only child. Like most siblings, I found my brother and sisters extremely irritating when they were small. Now that they are older and have turned into humans, I find them highly entertaining and, for the most part, quite intelligent and worthwhile examples of the species.
96. I get more fun than is healthy out of analyzing things. especially myself. I am usually wrong, but that doesn't deter me any.
97. I am a compulsive list-maker. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the chunk of time before Spanish, I make lists of things I am going to do that day and the rest of the week, what my shopping will be if I need to go to the store, etc. There's a whole bunch of pages of nothing but lists in my notebook. I mostly stopped posting these lists to LJ, because otherwise my journal would be All Lists, All the Time.
98. I love Friends. At one point I had a TON of episodes downloaded. I deleted them because they were taking up lots of space and once I'd seen an ep, I didn't watch it again very often.
99. I have a very hard time trusting people. I have a rather dim view of human nature, so even when I really love someone, I fully expect them to eventually do or say something hurtful or otherwise betray my trust, if only unintentionally.
100. Very, very few things make me feel as hopelessly stupid as debating something with my friends.

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