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My mother's parties are always wacky. I hid during the actual party, but emerged later to see our back porch area strewn with silly string carnage. That's right - she insitgated a silly string war. I wuv my mom. Both for that and the fact that she's been quite tolerant of my string of blonde moments lately. I inherited her blonde hair, honestly - it's here somewhere. It hides itself among the black and brown.

One of the few channels I miss when I have no access to a TV is Animal Planet. I caught a program Sunday night on the raising of tiger cubs. Oh my GOD, baby tigers are the most adorable creatures on earth. In general, that channel makes me all kinds of happy. I shimmy across my bed on my belly like a lizard and roll around due to sheer happy. In case you hadn't picked up on this, I am a strange and occasionally frightening creature when I am pleased.

Gabriel makes fun of me because all my friends (except one at any given time) are online, hundreds of miles away. That's usually when I hit him. Right now, he owes me money. The pimp-slapping will commence shortly.

People who refer to themselves in the third person all the time confuse and greatly irritate me.

This game has reminded me that I do not recall most of my childhood. I recall snippets and facts that I wrote down,, and a few of the bigger things that happened, but for the most part my mind is a blank. Perhaps I was a government spy during that time, and they wiped my memory to protect the secrets I uncovered.

I have tasty vegetable soup. You are jealous. I am currently stuffing the contents of my apartment into boxes and bags while studying for finals. You are less jealous.
And while I'm ordering you about, you will buy artwork from the artists on my friends list. Doooo iiiiit.

Abortion?:Until it can survive on it's own outside the womb, I don't consider it a human life. Go for it.
Death Penalty?:I think a lot more things should be punishable by death, really. Would make everything so much more simple.
Prostitution?:Legalize it.
Alcohol?:Double-punishment for crimes committed under the influence.
Marijuana?:Legalize it.
Other drugs?:Depends/not sure/Don't have enough information to come up with a proper response.
Gay marriage?:Why not? I've heard no non-religious justification for banning gay marriage. If I could hear just one, I'd be able to tolerate that side of the debate a lot more.
Illegal immigrants?:hmmm. Do not know enough about the immigration process to answer properly
Smoking?:Mixed feelings. Others have the right to smoke, but I also have the right not to cough constantly because of it.
Drunk driving?:See "death penalty". Yes, I firmly believe anyone stupid enough to drive drunk should die. I firmly believe a lot of people should die.
Cloning?:Hmmm. I'm fascinated by the idea.
Racism?:Is one of those things that we can't really do much about. Much as we may want to beat people over the heads for it, that's not really going to change how they feel, just how they express it. Human beings tend to categorize themselves in any way possible - physical differences just happen to be easiest. It's not desireable, but even if we do manage to eradicate it, it won't be for a very, very long time.
Premarital sex?:No real desire to have it (or the marriage that would end a time period in which I could have it), but no problem with it. I do have a problem with a lot of sex education, which often varies from limited to downright WRONG. Really, the way sex is often viewed just irks me altogether.
Religion?:Faith is good. Religion often causes problems.
The war in Iraq?:Oy.
Bush?:Each day I am more and more ashamed of being an American (to be fair, this is not JUST Bush's fault, other Americans cause this as well).
Downloading music?:iTunes and the like are a great idea. Small payments per song = teh good.
The legal drinking age?:If I thought we could handle alcohol more in moderation, like Europe, I'd be for lowering it. But we're stupid gluttons, and that'd never work.
Porn?:Mixed feelings. Not really interested in porn, so haven't paid attention to it for the most part...
Suicide?:I say, go for it. Seriously. Really, there are a few people I can think of who I wish had gone through with it (no, I'm not a very nice person. This is why I should not be in charge of the human race - the population would be halved in a week).

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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