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I can't seem to decide whether I'm a cat or R2D2

Bananas support terrorism! (link from disgruntledgrrl)
So if you eat that fruit salad, the terrorists have won.

Author of A Wrinkle in Time is still full of sass. (link from buhfly)
That's so nice to know. Sassy old people are the best. My grandparents, for example, are full of sass. If we could somehow extract the sass (perhaps through some sort of Grandma Press), bottle it, and distribute it to cantankerous or just plain bitchy people... why, the world would be a better place!

starwarsicons makes me happy.

Had a dream in which I had a dream about my family's house burning down, only it wasn't our house, it was different (and there were a bunch of other people living there under fake names that we'd given them), and then I tried to stop the events from happening, at one point I traveled from the future to try to change things, and it was all crazy.
Time travel dreams make me wake up very dizzy and confused...

And, for those of you who, like me, are amused by White Ninja Comics,

Since all the effort put into that was crappy cropping and saving someone else's work, it'd be rather ridiculous to ask for credit. I mean, hell, I didn't even bother to add text to them (though most of them don't really require it). But do put "" in the icon description so people know where to find the funny.

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