The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

I have jobness now, part-time. Answering phones for a pest control company. Yay! I start Wednesday. This is good, as it means monies and something to put on my resume instead of that nice fat blank spot that was slowly but surely growing.
The bosslady is very nice. She's got three cats, all of whom are huge, sleek, and quite friendly. She is also hoping her daughter will take in a teeny-tiny kitten who is so young that his eyes are still blue and his head is the same size as the rest of him put together, who toddled into her yard one day. Yes, I judge people by their pets. There are worse ways. :D
Speaking of pets, Belle has taught us that puppies are spring-loaded. Watching her launch herself around in the mornings when she's most active is hilarious. She cleared half the length of a couch this morning to land on mom's lap. It's hard to teach her not to do that when we're laughing our asses off, but we're trying.

Gabriel ordered some chinese food; I made the mistake of claiming I got garlic chicken rather than chicken and broccoli. They're quite different, and I feel bratty about it, but I'm picky. No lunch for me. ;___; Gabriel or some other random person will consume it within a day or two.

Saw a license plate that read "6 KIDZ". Blinked a few times. That's... er... a lot of children. Reminds me of a joke...
A couple had six children. The husband was so very proud of this, that he took to referring to his wife as "Mother of six". At first, it was kind of cute. Then it began to grate on her nerves.
One day, at a crowded theme park, he turned to his wife and crowed "Are you ready to leave, Mother of Six?"
She turned and replied in an equally loud, booming voice: "Ready when you are, Father of Four!"

Saw a much better license plate that read "KRPA DM". Wanted to follow the driver and talk to them, but realized that such behavior is considered creepy and strange, and this is Texas, where creepy and strange gets you shot.

'Scuse me, I think my pants just exploded.

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