The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

The craziesMom, Nicole, and Gabriel are returning today. Joy! Soon life will be back to normal. Inasmuch as this house is or ever has been 'normal'.

Bought cookies. Will take pictures of them soon - they have psychotic-looking birds, what can only be described as DEATH BEES (I thought of apiphile when I saw them, and made the XD face. Other shoppers edged away from me), and happy pretty flowers that must be in there by mistake, because the only thing that could properly complete this trio is poisonous hypno-lizards. I would so buy cookies with pictures of poisonous hypno-lizards on them.

At the training class this week there was a small Chihuahua-esque dog that looked exactly like Minchi from Excel Saga. Exactly. He was a yappy bastard, too. I felt compelled to eat him, and I have only seen one episode of ES. o____O

I managed to burn myself. A narrow burn, right under my watchband on my left wrist, about an inch long. I don't know WHEN it happened, only that it's been there for a couple days. I finally asked Dad what it was. No one told me small burns looked so nifty. It's healing now, so it does not look quite so nifty. How sad.


"So it will take two thirds of congress and three fourths of americans to say that two straight parents are better than one straight parent which is better than two gay parents which is equal to a man screwing a turtle."
- John Stewart

jenni_the_odd: here. You must see this. MUST.
victory_radio: that is the best thing EVER
jenni_the_odd: Yes. Yes it is.
jenni_the_odd: Now, spread it like Paris Hilton spreads herpes*.
ramaxela: ...
jenni_the_odd: I tried not to say it.
jenni_the_odd: But my fingers overrode my normally sweet, kind nature.
jenni_the_odd: ... I *almost* managed to keep a straight face while typing that. Almost.

feyr: What's wrong with Velveeta as a safe word?
feyr: And how did they know? =O
jenni_the_odd: I...
jenni_the_odd: I gave them the chat logs, Kevin.
jenni_the_odd: They know *everything*
feyr: *gasp!*
feyr: I regret nothing!
jenni_the_odd: I regret the goat.
feyr: NOTHING!
jenni_the_odd: I still have bruises. That varmint.

jenni_the_odd: We are sick, sick individuals, Kevin.
feyr: I know, but stop distracting me from laughing at "Car names which, when preceded by the word 'Anal,' sound like bad porn"
feyr: Heh heh heh...Anal Frontier.
jenni_the_odd: ... I was going to make a joke, and I couldn't stop snickering at "captain's log" long enough to get past it
feyr: I have a sudden urge to look up 'Anal Amigo' and see what I find. o_o
feyr: Remind me to clear my browser history after this. ~___~
jenni_the_odd: Kevin, it's things like this that begin stories which inevitably end with phrases like "and that's why I'm not allowed in Nevada"

*As Paris Hilton is Nicole's "Glam Idol", whatever that means, I enjoy teasing her by poking fun at (okay, insulting) the infamous blonde as often as possible. To the best of my knowledge, Paris Hilton does not actually have herpes.

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