The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

I woke up about an hour and fifteen minutes ago - missing church. If mum asks, I skipped because I cannot see out of my rearview mirror due to the bits 'o futon, mattress, and assorted things in the back of my car. This makes parking lots a bit of a hazard. The church parking lot, filled as it is with cars driven by octogenarians, is plenty hazardous enough already, thankyou.

I am now officially moved out - apartment devoid of anything, keys turned in, etc. I no longer live in San Antonio. *tear* Eh.

Finally got WinMX working again. First it freaked because I was suddenly connected to the 'net through a LAN, then it decided that I wasn't going to share any files. After a few messages saying "OMG UR NOT SHRING I BAN U!!1!" I reset everything (and disallowed messaging). Gabe and I are considering getting a big, fat extra hard drive to hold all the media goodness we've accumulated so we can have free space on our hard drives again. We really ought to make a trip down to Fry's sometime... I'll probably take he and Alex sometime in the next week.

Speaking of Alex, he's living with us (not ramaxela, as that would be very weird, and he would be all melty from the heat. Another Alex, who  has lived with us before. As you can see, he fits right in). He's like the brother I never had.
takethemoneyrun: HEY!
... Like I said. The brother I never had. :D

I saw a woman in Krogers with VERTICAL STRIPED PANTYHOSE. Awesome. I very rarely see vertical stripes in tights/hose. These were thin black lines, almost pinstripes, all around the leg. Very cool-looking. She said she got them at Dillard's, but when I went there weren't any. The saleslady had never heard of such a thing. Sad. They did have all kinds of other nifty hosiery, though. I love tights/hose. Especially weird patterns. Emma is slowly absorbing this love, like the sponge she is. She wants a pair of stripey tights. She also seems to be taking an interest in DDR. Gabriel is attempting to limit my time with her, lest she grow up to become a loser. >___>

Today the Diet That Ate New York* begins, along with the Exercise Regimen of Doom And Hurting. One of the... neither good nor bad, but outright weird aspects of being on a diet is that the instant I attempt to eat healthy foods, I can no longer eat 90% of what my family eats. No wonder we're all so fat. I guess it goes under 'bad' because it means I have to buy and cook extra meals for myself. Fortunately, veggies are cheap and steaming them takes all of a minute at most in the microwave.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I work as close to a 'normal'-length work day as I get. 8:30 - 4, maybe 5 if some calls actually come in. I am counting on you people to post interesting things (or just links to interesting webcomics) to amuse me if the calls do not, in fact, happen.

*New York is low in carbs and high in vitamins. It is the spinach of the states.

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