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We got a DDR pad. Let Emma's geekification commence! :D
Actually, she has been using it pretty much daily. Mom's happy because it's exercise, Emma's happy because it's fun. Alex plays it a lot, too. Gonna see if I can get a foam insert for it before one or both of them kill their feet on our tile floor (it's duct-taped down to avoid sliding). At some point, if I can get to it when no one is around, I may also try it. >____>

My room is slowly becoming less a war zone and more a habitable livingspace. Trying to cram everything from my apartment into a space roughly 1/4 that size has proven... interesting. Also, I have way too many clothes. I just wish I could fit into most of them. I have been losing weight, though, which makes me happy. Another 25 lbs or so and maybe it'll be noticeable. e___e
Unfortunately, it means that as soon as I go down a size or two I have to unpack and repack all my clothing to extricate the garments that fit once more. I rarely get rid of clothing that has gotten a size or two too big - I will wear the tops until my mother throws them out in secret, and the pants until another they fall off with no help save that of gravity or until even belting them isn't doing much good; whichever comes first. Plus there's the eternal fear that, like every other time, I will gain the weight back and require the clothes again.

I really, really need to rearrange things on this desk so I can hook up my scanner. I finally managed to draw Karen and Matt in ways that do not make them look evil or retarded, respectively. This is a big accomplishment for me.

My dinner is SO GOOD. Meatball chunks (got a bunch of HUGE ones at Costco, they require chopping to consume), with tomato sauce mixed into ridiculous quantities of spinach that I sauteed with a little onion and garlic. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It looks like vomit, but it is the yum.

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