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Jesus. My computer is lousy with pop-ups. Ad-Aware and Spybot aren't getting rid of them. Shit. *beats with sticks* *

I was even full of sass as a child. Every day when I got home from school, my mom would ask me how my day went, etc. etc. Always the same batch of questions. One day I looked her in the eye before she could say anything and said "Okay, no, yes, tomorrow, I have a paper for you to sign, we played tag, an A+, no, yes."
I could also apparently give people directions to our house at age two. It amuses me that I have difficulty doing this now, at age twenty. >____>

I have had my tablet for about four and a half years, but I rarely use it to draw - it is not so good on the pressure sensitivity front and never has been, most likely due to excessive abuse. I recall nearly throttling Nicole a few times when she had actually pulled the white tip-thing out of the pen and chewed on it. Both of us have a tendency to chew on whatever we happen to have in our hands at the moment, and it is often a Not Good Thing. This is in addition to all the being stepped-upon and tossed around that this tablet pen has endured. It has teeth marks on it, which give it character. And texture. Mostly texture. But yes. Due to this, digital inking and drawing is difficult because it means I'm working with something not unlike a slightly more agile mouse. So while I use it for coloring, I almost never draw with it. Until a few days ago, when I managed to sketch a picture of Makenzie where she looks utterly retarded. This amuses me. She also looks about five years old (something about her face...). I will upload it with all the other sketches when I get my scanner hooked up. This means Huge Steaming Art Dump** within a week. Really. I swear. I've got four sketches in my sketchbook that are uploadable, if not anywhere near complete. If I keep drawing, maybe I can eventually justify spending the dough to get a nicer tablet. Which will, I do not doubt, promptly be eaten by the puppy. But I can try.

Belle followed me into the pool today. I was so proud. She was very uncertain about the water when she first investigated the pool, but now she'll chase me in and immediately go for the pool toys she's not supposed to have. Sneaky puppy.

*This solves ALL problems. SHUT UP. It works. It's just a matter of hitting the right thing with the sticks. For example - if I could locate the people who created the popups and hit them with sticks, the problem would quickly be solved.

**Such a beautiful mental image, isn't it? Let us bask in its glory for a minute. Mmmm.

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