The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Emma and I baked a cake for my boss (well, Boss-Man, Boss-Lady's husband). IN THE SHAPE OF AN ANT. You heard me. A big six-legged insect with little antennae. It is SO CUTE. And tasty. I bet he will love it. It is his birthday tomorrow, and he runs a pest control business. What better cake than one shaped like a giant bug? If I can track down a camera (dammit, I know we have at least two. Where the hell are they?) I will provide pictures.

This puppy is made entirely of butter. Adorable butter. Dear god, I love puppies. SO having pets instead of kids. Puberty is cruel to humans, but pets stay cute FOREVER.

Interesting. I'm not going to do it, though. Not out of fear of stalkers, as I am not interesting enough to stalk (I am moderately amusing online, in person I am a sort of flesh-colored lump that squeaks when poked and doesn't do much). Mostly because if I do one of those "OMG I KILL MYSELF NOW" posts, I'm damn well going through with it and to hell with you people trying to stop me*.


I have not been drinking enough water. Bad me. Will try to go back to my four liter a day habit soon.

*Or, in some cases, looting and pillaging my corpse. I'm looking at YOU, lepetitemort. Or arranging it in strange and silly poses while taking incriminating photos. Still looking ar you, Drea. Or having hot monkey sex with my dead body. Now I'm looking at several of you, a fact which kind of disturbs me, and I suddenly want a shower.

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