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"And that's why we don't have kitchen ninjas."

jenni_the_odd: I agree - Mai should totally be on that list.
ramaxela: ...
ramaxela: that was TOTALLY not the reaction I was expecting.

You see this? This is the cutest thing ever. Look at the wee little fangs! He is saying "Raar! I am fierce! Raar!" He is also now my desktop.
I loves me some bats. Link from crotalus_atrox.

This is... insane. Insane. It's quite well-drawn and colored, but the subject matter (like all good fanart) makes me sad because it just seems like such a waste for talent to be used entirely on fanart instead of something original. Also because they crammed every currently-popular cartoon character from Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon in there that they could, and seeing Gaz attending school with Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls (all of whom are taught by Samurai Jack) is rather distressing. Not quite as distressing as the inevitable pantyshots, but still. Link from syke.
Okay, after scouring the guy's DA page, he does seem to have some original work as well. Yay. :D

I have the perfect necklace. It is a plain black cord with black heart pendant, large enough that it is not lost in my boobs, heavy enough that I can feel it and would notice if it fell off. It sits right at the top of the Cleavage de la MUERTE* and is adorable. AHLOVEIT.

Was supposed to get ye olde bookage today for classes, but mum had me car. By the time she came back with it, there were children and a dog splashing around in a pool who needed an eye kept on them to ensure they did not drown one another. Mum's car should be back tomorrow, but it has been in and out of shop for a number of days now, and she is making noises about my car needing to be in shop.

jenni_the_odd: All right. Goal in life is to now lose weight, wear one of these, and slut around a bit to share the funny.
feyr: Sounds like a plan to me.
jenni_the_odd: Hooray!
feyr: I wonder how I would look in a thong. o_o
feyr: ...probably better not to think about that.
jenni_the_odd: I somehow knew this conversation thread was inevitable.

Here are pictures of the antcake!. He has sprinkles, and Twix bars for legs. And licorice for antennae.

The Giant Frog in the backyard taunts me still. Almost 15 minutes, sitting there at the bottom of the pool, silently laughing at me with his little froggy eyes. He is as big or bigger than my fist. One day, I shall capture him. Oh yes. One day.

*I figure since aeire has claim to "Cleavage of DOOM", I might as well take "Cleavage de la MUERTE". It's more fun to say, anyhow.

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