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  • Was told that the drawing of Stephanie I was working on was 'beautiful' by a girl with what I think was a Russian accent (then again, I am not familiar with the particulars accents from central European countries. It could have been from anywhere, but 'Russian' is the closest I can get to describing it). But yes, Stephanie got a lot of redesign, mainly because she was (physically, at least) turning into Chris and it's very disturbing when characters turn into one another.
  • Drew a mini-cartoon of myself wearing a Batman t-shirt, Bat-mask, and a towel as a cape saying "I AM BATMAN!". Next to me is Gabriel, pointing and saying "Batman, or... retarded?"
  • Discovered that Belle will start edging towards the pool the instant you pick up a fetch toy (current favorite is the popped Winnie the Pooh ball, as it is made of rubber too thick for her to destroy easily, is the right size for being carried in her mouth, and it floats) because she knows that's where we are most likely to throw 'em. 
  • Discovered that the dog leaping into the pool to fetch something never stops being adorable.
  • Remembered that Spike TV is showing a CSI marathon. Yay!
  • That the restaurant nearby serves rather crappy fish. It describes itself as "Mex-Mex". I'm really, really not sure what that *is*. I have heard of Tex-Mex, but... Mex-Mex? Also, now my computer nook/hidey-hole smells of fish. And not the good fishy smell, like when you cook salmon. This is the ucky fishy smell, closer to shrimp. 
  • Scared the unholy crap out of my mother by walking up to her and biting her shoulder. She didn't hear me approach and screamed like a little girl. :D
  • Wanted to bake cookies (or force Nicole to do so) for several people on my friendslist. The ones springing to mind (read: in the most recent 25 friends entries at the moment and the ones I remember from this morning) are kobold, aphexmandelbrot, and estasia. If I ever meet with you lot, remind me to give you cookies or die trying. The rest of you more than likely deserve cookies (except you, takethemoneyrun. 'Sharingan', indeed. I'll sharingan you*!), and those who I might eventually meet in person will more than likely wind up being given some sort of foodstuff, but today is apparently not your "Jenni wants to give me cookies" day. Perhaps later in the week.

    * Apparently, 'sharingan' is an attack from Naruto. No clue on the proper spelling. But it's what Gabe and Alex yell when they throw things at me, usually sweetener packets. They will die.
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