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I put on makeup today. I don't know why I bother - to quote Kevin-who-disappeared from the one day I put on lip gunk and wore my hair down, "Why?"
But Emma noticed.
Emma: You look like a goth girl.
Me: What?
Emma: With the lipstick. And the eye stuff.
Me: Right-o, then. Well, maybe I want to look like a 'goth girl'.
Emma: I didn't say it was a bad thing!

Bio Teacher: And how do we date a fossil?
Jenni's Brain: Well, I think dinner and a movie seems appropriate...
[Note: I almost exploded trying to hold that in.]

Bio Teacher: [after class] *blah blah blah interesting tales of medical research*
Girls Who Had Not Left Yet: So you just chopped up dead bodies? Ewwww!
Me: You were the girls in high school who screamed and edged away from whatever you had to dissect, weren't you?
GWHNLY: ... >____> Noo... But, I mean, a HUMAN BODY? Ewww!
Me: A dead body is a dead body is a dead body. Be it frog, pig, human, whatever. If you smell it, does it not reek? If you poke it, does it not go "squish" and ooze a foul substance?
GWHNLY: *blink* *blink* *greenish tinge* *back away slightly*
Me: And on that note, perhaps I should leave. *scuttles away*

I feel compelled to make a CSI icon set. But I will ignore the urge to fangirl. I am ignooooring it. See this? This is me ignoring it.
Though this makes it difficult. They've got Miami, too. Nicole insists that CSI: Miami is garbage, but it grows on you. Like a fungus. A fungus sprinkled liberally with Adam Rodriguez and David Caruso. Nicole, you may shut up, David Caruso looks NOTHING like Mr. Warren*, as he is five million times better-looking and has a voice that Mr. Warren's wussy vocal cords could never dream of achieving.

I know a disturbing number of you need to go participate in flemco's Offensive Haiku Contest. You lot have some filthy, twisted minds - now put them to use in poetry form! Those of you with normal minds, or minds rated PG-13 and lower may skip this exercise. But I'm not entirely sure I've got anyone like that reading this...

The cat is whiny. I saw him eat his dinner, so I know when he meows and leads me to the box 'o cat food cans that he is a dirty gluttonous liar. I can only assume the trauma inflicted upon him by Life With Gabriel has damaged his memory.

*Irritating band teacher who I only had to deal with for one year, but who Nicole has had to put up with throughout high school. Poor dear. At least she's not in his band. His one resemblance to David Caruso is red hair. That's it.

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