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Okay, laying off the quotes for a while. I can be funny too, dammit.

... Wait, where is everybody going?

One of the chicks on CSI: New York (the one who does NOT look like she is made entirely of pointy angles and curly hair) looks like one of wogs' drawings come to life. It is the lips and under-eye shadows, I think.
SCORE. Now I know what to get Emma (or Mom) for Christmas. I eagerly await Grissom action figures. With super eyebrow raising action!
I also grabbed Entertainment Weekly off the rack entirely because it had a picture of the CSI: Las Vegas cast on it. I am not a hopeless fangirl. I am not, Iam not. I... am. ._____. I was delighted to discover an article on Degrassi: TNG as well, which Nicole might enjoy.

Marginally belated Happy Birthday to driftingfocus, who can now legally drink until her tiny body turns to liquid. And very belated birthday regards to pegasus_, whose birthday was way back on the 11th - a fact I apparently only remember when I am not seated at a computer, because on the 11th and every day since then I have made a mental note to wish her a happy birthday, only to be foiled by my eerily goldfish-like attention span.

I do not get it. Gato demands each night to be let outside. He does not have front claws. Yet aside from being eaten by mosquitoes, he almost never brings home scars from the (clawed) neighborhood cats who run around.
But when we manage to keep him inside, he somehow obtains a huge gash on his face. We're still not sure how.

After much debate and consideration of my family's dietary needs and preferences, I gave up and ordered pizza. Nutrition, schmutrition. x____X If I were slightly less GODDAMNED TIRED all the time*, I would cook. I will properly cook tomorrow, or die trying. Yes. Zucchini stuffed with ground beef, bread crumbs, and cheese. With rice. It will be delicious and they will eat it if I have to force it down their gullets myself. >___> The band-age kids have Bands of America (some form of competition) on Saturday. They have to leave so early that they are spending the night in the school gym, and Nicole has specifically requested comfort food (a la cassaroles) for the evening's food, as opposed to something no one in our house has ever tried before. I no longer know why I bother looking up recipes. Perhaps someday, some glorious day, I will live with roommates who will eat anything. Preferably geeky, twentysomething roommates, with low dating standards...
I mean, um. LOOK. A DISTRACTION. *points*

If I have not decided on a major by the end of the semester, I am just going to write all the possibilities on pieces of paper, drop them in the large pink furry top hat in Emma's room, and pick one at random.

And now, a haiku:
Things thrown at my face
As though carried by the wind
Dammit, Gabriel!

*Seriously. I have been sleeping through most of my classes Not in the usual way, wherein I fall asleep at home and miss them, but falling asleep while sitting in class during lectures. I do not know if it is what I am eating (more carby than usual) or the fact that I am sick (I sound like a seal when I cough, and can be heard across the house) or some other cause, but I am constantly nap-ready. I fell asleep at my computer twice yesterday, as well, so even interesting things like the internet are not enough to keep me awake.

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