The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

To-Do for Today:
  • Exercise (wheee!)
  • Clean kitchen (though it probably needs cleaning again now that family has eaten)
  • Make sure all traces of cat pee are out of the grape bowl
  • Clean room
  • Shower before I get *too* ripe ... ew
  • Make cassarole

    Firstly, the grape bowl is not a bowl 'o grapes. It is this weird silverish/pewterish serving platter thing that sits on our counter and holds miscellaneous objects and papers of varying importance and immediate need. It is one step above a drawer in that respect. Won't need it for a while, stick it in the drawer. Gonna grab it in a few hours but Mom doesn't want the counters cluttered, into the grape bowl it goes.
    And so of course, the cat peed in it. Every so often he pees in places he's not supposed to*. We have yet to figure out why, though my mother blames Gabriel. I now have a slightly pee-dampened pile of papers on a towel in the kitchen awaiting inspection, as I have no idea what I can and cannot throw away. The cat is - wisely, I think - well-hidden.

    I am doing a lot of cleaning to make up for the fact that I did not go to church. I fully expect a lecture when Mom gets home anyway, despite the fact that (a) she said nothing about me going this morning, only Nicole and the boys, and (b) she told me a short while ago that we (myself and possibly Nicole) are "done" as far as needing to go every Sunday - we are old enough to worship (if we so choose**) when and where we like and do not require the structure of a sanctuary full of the elderly to help us. However, in addition to claiming that the fact that I am 'broken'*** is the reason I lean towards the left on a political scale and the reason I am not too fond of many people, she probably also believes it requires me to be in church so God can fix my brain. Well, God and the Lexapro. I maintain that I have no need for the latter.

    The weather lately has been gorgeous. Highs in the low 80s or so, with wind to keep it from getting too warm. And cool at night. Yay for fall! Or at least, as close as we get to fall. It is pretty.

    Now to go scrub the remains of Emma's 'experiment' (cornstarch and water) off the floor, counter, and sink. There was a reason I told her not to do it. Grrr.

    *"You make me pee in places I'm not supposed to" is going to be the first single off Gabriel's hit album.
    **My mother would never include this phrase, however, as Christian faith is kind of mandatory in her world and I doubt she thinks any of us are capable or likely to stray from it beyond being our usual sacrilicious selves.
    ***Her word of choice when referring to all the things she believes to be wrong with my head, opinions, and personality.
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