The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

This water tastes funny, but I am drinking it anyway because it is water. It tastes of plastic, though. Not sure why...

My car is disgusting. This is mostly a result of my being a slob (I need to figure out how to channel the OCD tendencies into positive things, like cleaning), and partially the result of carting people around all the time. It has not yet reached the level of Michael's*, which had it's own ecosystem flourishing beneath the gas pedal (I am serious. There were sprouts. SPROUTS.), but it is gross. Today comes the vaccuuming and steam-cleaning and yet another attempt to make that weird smell go away. That smell is the result of thousands of teenage feet, countless beverages, miscellaneous food items, and at least a bit of cassarole (*cough*GABRIEL*cough*). So yeah. The hope is that my car will be fresh and clean as a daisy.
... Though I am pretty sure the carpet is permanently stained in various places. One spot by the front passenger door is *red*. RED. How the hell did it become red? I did not kill anyone there. This will perplex me until the end of time.
'Course, I gotta wait until my family gets back with it. Nicole's car died and is dead, and I needed my mother's big Suburban Beast to take several people from our church to the airport - they are going on a mission trip to India. I will miss our preacher, as he is what Gabe and I refer to as  'proper' Christian. He is awesome. One of the genuinely nicest guys I have ever met, fun, strong in his faith (well, I suppose he would have to be, he is a preacher), but not scary. His wife is my mother's friend, she is excellent as well.

Improv Everywhere. Read "Conquests". These people are my HEROES. There are not enough words to properly describe how great this is. The "Anton Chekov" mission made me laugh so hard that I am fairly certain our neighbors heard.
(link stolen from flemco)

*Not neonid, this is another one of the many, many Michaels I knew in high school.

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