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  • Am doing the Christmas shopping this year. God bless the internet. Have ordered Gabe's one-item Christmas list, will probably buy Alex's in meatspace since I can - though I need to ask him for some specifics. Still need Nicole's list.
  • The Discovery Channel Store is hazardous to my bank account. Have now bought most of Emma's gifts and one for me. Wanted to buy many, many more, but my wallet started crying. Love the Discovery Channel. LOVE IT OR PERISH.
  • Happy birthday to katie_can_draw!
  • Found out who sent the DVD. Had to root around for the packaging it came in, as my mother opens all mail that comes into our house (this annoys me, but there is not a helluva lot I can do about it besides try to get to the mail before she does if I am expecting something). So much wuv.
  • I'd been telling my mom for a month that if I was going to take a mini-semester course over the holidays, I needed to pay for it soon. Well, the monies finally appeared, and lo and behold, I missed the deadline by nine days. Dammit. One more full semester being bored to tears by accounting, then. It is probably just as well. Given how much that class makes me want to die, odds are I would hang myself with Christmas lights after a month of having it for three hours every day, anyway.
  • I do not remember if I mentioned it, and I am too lazy to check - I selected a major, finally. Business. The only real reason for it is the fact that it should be somewhat helpful in obtaining employment. It does, however, mean that I have been taking all the wrong classes and my life is going to be very, very full of mind-numbing, tear-inducing boredom and nothing but for a while.
  • I am turning into such a Canada fangirl. I think I'll go learn the lyrics to 'O Canada'.
  • I have 17 pages of ML mini-notebooked/thumbnailed. When I say I have a 'thumbnail' for a page, I really mean I have 'a page from a 5.5"x8.5" sketchbook with the rough layout and early-draft dialogue that may or may not change eighteen-odd times before the final copy'. But 'thumbnail' is so much shorter. These will not even dream of becoming a final comic until I (a) have over 50 of them; (b) can create backgrounds that are non-shitty enough; (c) redesign the webpage; and (d) figure out what I want the comic to look like. Cartoonish is much easier, but doesn't always convey what I want to convey. More realistic is much harder to draw and easier to fuck up, but is also slightly more respectable. Then there's color or black and white, - if the latter, screentones, gray shading, or two-tone... So many choices. I may just use 'em all as the fancy strikes me.
  • A very interesting essay called "Size 6: The Western Women's Harem" from Scheherazade Goes West by Fatima Mernissi.
  • I have one last Bio II test today. About to head up to the school and do a bit of last-minute studying.
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