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Nicole's CD is urging someone to "kiss me with your mouth"
I am wondering: As opposed to what other body part?

Nicole had Emma and Kaylie (Kaylee? Kayleigh?) dancing in the kitchen. I ran in terror. TERROR.

Realized while arranging dialogue for ML that I have trouble writing for people who are not Mak - especially Karen. I do not have a lot of conversations in meatspace. I rarely speak to people not in my family. And when I do, I speak as I write - same pacing, same pauses, everything. My family does much the same thing, on good days we sound just shy of scripted. So I have very little idea what normal people sound like when they talk, and I suspect I am going to have to spend some time sitting in mall food courts or other public areas, eavesdropping to find out.
There are two new characters in ML. I like them. Their appearance means Matt will not be in every single page all over the place, which was good. He's a fun character, but he was being worn too thin - and he didn't have a reason to be in the band scenes half the time, even after I gave him the ability to play guitar and plunked him in the jazz band.

I need to rearrange my Batcave*. There has to be some way to connect everything up and have it not be too awkward or inconvinient. But I really ought to scan a lot of this stuff... I have almost half a sketchbook of things that I could play with in Photoshop and/or that I want to scan before I ink in case I mess them up with inking.

I am going to try kissing people with my elbows.

*The Batcave is a nook-type thing that was a large gun safe before we moved in. We removed the safe door and installed wimpy little things, but the walls are still lined with metal. This is where my computer and half of Mom's files live. I tend to keep the light off because hey, metal walls + lights + computer = oven. I even have Mom referring to it as my Batcave. I win at life.

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