The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Mocha died on Tuesday. :(
She was accidentally let out to wander the yard, crawled under the gate surrounding the pool (it has a slight gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground in some spots, not big enough for Belle, but definitely high enough for a little dachshund), and fell in. She drowned. Emma found her, but she's held up well - for all that she is nine, the kid is pretty damn mature about death. Steven's mother told us that apparently Mocha was 15 - quite up there in years. And that she'd lately been showing serious signs of deterioration, both in terms of mental capacity and health. We figured she was kind of deaf - you'd have to be, to be capable of ignoring Gabriel. She was a sweet little dog.
As such, I shall share an incident from the brief period of time she spent with us:
She stayed in Emma's room because there is almost nothing to get into below knee-level there. So Gabe walked by, and heard her crying. Thinking Belle is antagonizing her through the window, he wandered in. He didn't see her at first, and it took him a minute to locate the source of the cries.
Turns out Emma left one of her jackets on the floor, and the dog had gotten stuck in a sleeve. That's right. She was stuck. In a sleeve. Unhurt, but very confused. I am going to hell for laughing about that...
And now, for lighter fare.
jenni_the_odd: Sonic slash always disturbed me more than most fandom slash tendencies.
jenni_the_odd: Possibly because the characters are in no way, shape, or form anything resembling realistic.
emperor_boy: that's because it's Sonic, and I can't imagine how the hell anybody could possibly concieve of him -
emperor_boy: Yeah.
emperor_boy: I mean, Sonic doesn't even look like a hedgehog, much less a hot human hedgehog studmuffin.
jenni_the_odd: It's like... like rewriting Bambi's mother's death scene as a snuff film. You just shouldn't do that.
jenni_the_odd: But you know someone has.
jenni_the_odd: And it keeps you awake at night.
emperor_boy: Well, it doesn't really keep me awake at night, but now that you've told me, it will. Thanks. >: (
jenni_the_odd: :D
The way of things in our household:
Person A: [something awful]
Person B: *stares*
Person A: Yeah, I know, I'm going to hell.
Person A: [ordinary statement with possible sexual overtones]
Person B: That's what all the boys/girls say.
Person A: *stares*
Person B: [statement with no sexual overtones whatsoever]
Person A: That's what all the boys/girls say.
Person B: *stares*
Once you get used to these two conversation models, you will get along in our house juuuust fine.
I enjoy this muchly. Mostly because I do not understand some words, which makes it all the more amusing when a word I do know pops up. Also, it is extremly  catchy. Alex and I will burst into song at random times.

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