The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

So my stomach's New Year's resolution is, apparently, "No More Food". Thank you, body. I was getting so bored with eating. >______<

I seem to have caught some sort of illness, as I have been running a low fever ('round 100-ish) and making coughing noises that sound eerily similar to the braying of a donkey (recently downgraded to the barking of a seal), throwing up when I eat, and feeling queasy when I don't. Needless to say, I went to work yesterday, I'm going today, and I plan on going tomorrow. I am like a cheery little plague angel.

Mmmm, tea with honey. It makes my throat happy. Which is always good, since talking is kind of necessary for my job. I just hope the angry man doesn't call back today. He's the first really pissed customer I've ever encountered, which tells you that either my bosses do a darn fine job of pest control, or that all the disgruntled people call in the late afternoon only. Apparently we treated a home for wood-boring beetles in March, and now they have termites, and apparently it is our fault because of course when we said "wood-boring beetles" on the contract we meant "anything resembling an insect, by golly", and of course there's no way the termites could have infested the house at some point during the nine months between March and Now.

Have not been sleeping much or well of late - I blame being ill. It's unlike me to wake up every hour or so, though... Usually once I get to sleep I am dead for about six to eight hours. I generally have a pretty good internal alarm clock, complete with snooze alarm. It was not so good when I was younger (ever have one of those mornings where you think "Five more minutes", and wake up an hour later, feeling like you just blinked?) but I have refined it with age.

Alex: It's Jenni 2.0!
Me: ... what happened to Jenni 1.0?
Alex: She upgraded.
Me: Oh. *cough, hack, bark* I think I got a virus.
Alex: :[
Me: I WIN AT PUNS *cough hack hack cough bark*

Mum woke me at 6:30 to inform me that Belle got a cut on her ear and had me help her hold the dog still while she checked it out. We finally both assumed by her wriggling and tail-wagging and overall cheerfullness/willingness to eat anything she saw that she was not in too much pain, if any. Mom is taking her to the vet soon, hopefully, as she needed to go anyway (due for some shots) and Mom wants the bit 'o ear she's now missing checked out.
Belle is also the world's easiest dog to medicate - she gobbles down pills plain, as though they were treats. I still put 'em in a bit of cheese or bread, though, since they can't taste too great and I'd like her to continue willingly eating anything we offer her.

It is plaidcat's birthday today. Welcome to the Realm of Not-A-Teenager-But-Not-Old-Enough-To-Legally-Drink! It is very quiet here.

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