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I took a dose of this cough suppressant at 10 AM (it stopped working at around 1, but was lost in the bowels of my car and I did not have time to hunt for it as I was working), another dose at 4 PM (sort of suppressed about half the coughing), and yet another dose at 5 PM (I'm coughing body parts up). Jenni is displeased. The streets will run red with Robitussin.

On the plus side, can eat again! I just have to time the bites in between coughing fits so as not to choke and die.

That is harder than it sounds.

At ramaxela's suggestion, have been watching The Prisoner. I likes. I likes a lot. Though I have now added "Large, White Balloons" to my list of Movie/Television-Induced Phobias, alongside "Japanese Schoolgirls" and "Bill Cosby".

As I sketch out the 26th thumbnail page for ML, I realize... I really gotta learn how to draw clarinets. Fortunately I have a real-life example, and when it is in use by a sibling there is always Google. All the ones I draw wind up looking either (a) like strange snakes, (b) waaaay too phallic, or (c), like (a) and (b) combined in a weird, disturbing way. It will not do for Julian to constantly look like he is sucking on a large, black, shiny penis.
... even though that really makes me laugh.

Current technique for putting up ML would be to scan in decently polished pencil sketches (I mean along the lines of a cleaned-up this, sans most of the shading) and color those, just skipping inking alltogether. My hands shake far too much for me to trust a comic panel to a pen, and my tablet has slowly rotted into crap and no longer works half the time. Years of general hard use and occasional instance of being stepped on or chewed on or spilled on will do that, I'd imagine. The end result would, ideally wind up resembling this (stylistic differences, but the same technique. The sketch might be more polished than that one before being scanned in, or would be edited further once on the comp). This is a handy way to sidestep the fact that even with steady hands, I do not have an inking style I am comfortable with. It will give me an opportunity to develop it on the side, or continue to avoid it entirely if I so choose, which I probably would. It also goes better with the softer coloring style I've been using , which just looks odd with the harsh ink outlines.
Problem One: My scanner hates pencil. The best compromise I've been able to work out is scanning everything way too dark with the contrast way too high, so all the light shading is lost. The scanned-in pics recently posted to bravostuff? Lacking about half or more of the shading the originals had - especially the pictures of Stephanie, Mak alone, and Mak/Matt. If I am going to do this, I will either need to get a new scanner, or figure out how to make mine behave like a civilized creature.
Problem Two: This is really going to impact the whole tone of the comic. If done right, it will seem more intimate, because my pencil sketches portray personality and subtlety much better than my inked/colored work does. However, some of the sillier or more energetic/dramatic scenes will look really wrong if they seem 'soft' due to the coloring. If done wrong, it will simply look sloppy and amateurish. I have resigned myself to the fact that it's going to look that way at least a little bit, at least at first, because I am an amateur, and the only thing for that is experience.

I've still got 24 thumbnail pages to get through before I decide, though.

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