The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

You know, my stomach already dislikes me. Taking triple the recommended dosage of various cold and cough medicines one after the other, usually while zee stomach is empty can't be endearing me to it much. >____>

There has been characterbabble in my head all day. This is normally not a problem, and can in fact be entertaining to listen to (or act out/speak, if I am alone in my car. And yes, I tend to try to do most of the voices*. It's harder when I'm sick, though), except that it is entirely wangsty drama today. All of it. Dramadramadrama. I should not be surprised, as the characters are highschool kids, but yeesh. One major chunk of the drama takes place when they're in college, if that ever gets drawn. It's been lurking in my head for months and months. Soon I will explode, and when I do, it will turn out I'm full of .txt files.

Oooooh!. If ever I become rich and famous enough to design a dream home for myself, it will look like an aquarium or some form of nature preserve. I love water. If I could have one superhuman ability, it would be the ability to breathe underwater, and then I swear I'd never walk on land again. I love aquariums and fish, and that is just cute.

Cute FluteGirl Lynn was here last night. We had the following conversation:
Lynn: I thought you were gonna move to Canada or something?
Me: I'm hoping. Someday.
Lynn: Don't they speak French there?
Me: In some places, yes. English, too.
Lynn: So are you gonna be one of those hot romantic women who speak French and are all "Oui, ooh-lala!" *flittery hand gesture, wiggling of hips*
Me: ... well, I'd have to lose some weight. And probably get a new wardrobe. And learn French.
Lynn: Oh. :(
Me: But I'll do that, and THEN I'll move.
Lynn: 'Kay!

I have read the entire archives of It's Walky! within 24 hours. I love that comic so. I was sad when it ended, but it actually managed to pull off what I thought was a satisfactory ending, which is hard to do. Walky, not Sluggy, is what I refer people to as an example of what a long-running serial comic should be. It has a number of the same elements - crazy characters, whacked-out scenarios, some serious drama, etc., but it actually does it WELL. And it ended before things (a) got boring or (b) got TOO silly in an attempt to stay interesting.
Also, I like the art in It's Walky! a million trillion times better than Sluggy Freelance's. But that's personal preference.

*I can't do Jared's - his is too deep. Matt's is juuust pushing the lower limits of my speaking voice (I hear him as a tenor. His singing voice sounds like Ryan Cabrera's, for those keeping up with crappy pop music - "True" is the song that finalized the decision for him to get a girlfriend). Mak's is throatier than mine, but she has my speaking range - my voice goes all over the place a lot of the time when I speak, and so does hers. Karen's is higher-pitched than mine, but not by much, and has a very, very slightly more nasal, valley-girl-esque quality to it. Christina and Julian don't have voices yet, though I'm liking ramaxela's voice more and more for Julian. Sofia has a bordering-on-squeaky hyper little-girl voice that I have to try very hard not to make really, really annoying. Dana has my voice with slightly fewer fluctuations in tone. I have no idea how Toby sounds.

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