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Nice contrast of body types here. The sort-of-colored KISS doodle for Mak (minus her face, which is so hard to draw with my tablet, for some reason) in her skivvies. Well, such as they are. Flat-colored black bikini thing. Her real underwear will be more interesting. :D
Also a quick sketch of Karen dancing. No clothes put on her yet, so she's effectively naked. No details though, ya pervs. You get a real good idea of how different they look. Karen's very fun to draw, she's long and lean and graceful. A lot easier to draw, really, than Makenzie. With Mak there's the constant worry over which parts are supposed to be thick, how thick, etc. etc. and does she look the same as last time, or heavier, or thinner, and if she's turned this way, how will she squish... it's just harder.
Tish thought it was odd that Karen was so enthusiastic about anything. Karen is actually enthusiastic about a lot of things - she and Mak are alike in that they feel things very, very intensely. The main difference is that Mak acknowledges the bouncing from one emotion to another. Karen refuses to ever admit that she felt any way other than how she feels at the moment, and will twist her own words and the words of others to fit her current worldview. This causes... problems.
Dancing happens to be one of the things Karen really enjoys almost 100% of the time - she puts her entire self into it, and after a night of dancing she is physically and emotionally drained. It's a release for her, and she gets really bad about being tempermental if she can't vent somehow.

feyr: Next Christmas I'm going to send you a complete set of this guy's Armpit Series prints.
jenni_the_odd: Next Christmas I'm going to send you Gabriel.
feyr: ...touche.

I really want the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack. I've asked Borders to order it, as they did not have it when last I went. I got a gift certificate there for Christmas, and I think the Hedwig soundtrack would be an excellent use of it.

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