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Claudia has nicknamed me "Jenniboo"
No one is really sure why. It does not seem a very appropriate nickname to me. I was hoping for "Zalrog the Destroyer", or some such. Possibly "George".

Today I did the following:
  • Saw and immediately wanted one of katie_can_draw's little monsters. They are socute*. Everything she makes is socute. I am pretty sure she has more cute than any human being ought to. Ever.
  • Went to the doctors and discovered that I could probably save myself a lot of time and hassle by replacing him with a recording of a voice saying "Eat more, and eat more balanced." Also by punching myself in the stomach after eating instead of taking my pills. Yum yum.
  • Saw the World's Cutest Cowboy as I left. He really was. He had very pretty shoulder-length wavy golden brown hair (it was lovely - this from someone who tends to prefer short hair on men), cowboy hat, boots, jeans, even a vest. Very pretty about the face, with some stubble to prevent him from looking too pretty**. I wished to take him home and keep him in a jar, but he would probably have run away quickly had I said so.
  • I ate a sandwich. And wrote it down in my food log. Wheee. What fun. What thrills. I feel sluggish now. Aaaand cue the tummyache.
  • Made Shepherd's pie. It involves cheese, meats, and peas. The family resists most green things, but I hope that they will give peas a chance.
  • Gabe did the Robot into my Batcave, and then proceeded to squish my skull with his belly and giant man-paws, even as I type this RIGH TNOW GAH CAN'T BREATHE

    *'Socute' being something that has gone far enough beyond mere cuteness as to require me to squish the words together in a squee-ish manner because it's just that. damn. cute.
    **There is a fine line between man-pretty and feminine-pretty. The former looks hot when the subject in question is dressed as a cowboy and is, according to every visual and behavioral cue being put out, male. The latter looks kind of odd when those same signals are being sent out. Sort of a mismatch. Which signals are being sent and which kind of pretty an individual is does not necessarily have anything to do with their bioligical sex.
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