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Econ professor did not show yet again. Am beginning to suspect s/he (not sure which) is just going to pop up on exam dates, hand us a test, and expect us do have done all reading and knowledge-gathering ourselves sans any type of lecture or syllabus.

Was asked no less than four times today if I am an art major. Also realized I will eventually have to take some form of art credit. Crap.

Drove Dad to the airport - he's been traveling a bit lately. This seems odd to me, because, well, he rarely travels. Last week he went to Arizona for a conference thing, this week he's going to Dallas. I would like to request that should any of you folk in Dallas happen to encounter a small, slightly round, bespectacled Peruvian doctor, that you please not scar him for life. He's traumatized enough from living with us.

Saw two people dressed as Inu-Yasha and maybe Kagome (if I'm remembering the girl's name right, been a looong time since I read any Inu-Yasha. Her skirt was red, though, which I do not think is the right color. Maybe Sailor Mars?) walking down the street. Did a double-take. They were pretty hard to miss, though - bright red on their costumes. I wonder if there is a con hidden somewhere in Houston this weekend, or if I just happened to stumble across two people who cosplay at random for fun.

Okay, so we have this little sweatervest from Peru. I am guessing it's sized for a toddler. It's a very bright red.
And it fits Gato perfectly.
When so adorned, he sulks about low to the ground, embarrassed by his loud fashion choices (from a guy who goes about his daily life in orange stripes, methinks this is a bit melodramatic). He will then flop over, feet slightly in the air and stare at us. You can just see the garment draining his will to live. If you stop laughing long enough, you will also notice his tail twitching with barely subdued rage until someone takes pity on him and removes the sweatervest. Then he hides under the nearest chair and glares at us indignantly for about an hour.
It is at once the saddest and funniest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

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