The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Have just seen Eddie Izzard's Glorious. Eddie Izzard circa 1997, wearing that goddamned shiny magenta suit* without a shirt under, with the choker and the boots and the eyeliner and DELICIOUS. I would like him for my birthday, please. Also, I now get the other half of his more commonly repeated jokes, and will no longer look on quizzically when other fans report that they are covered in bees. I will instead ask if they want a cup of coffee.

My left ankle is aching. The outer side of it, more specifically. It does this only when I sit - when I walk, I'm fine. I fully expect it to explode at random sooner or later.

I am going to have to make an appointment for Belle to go to the vet's myself. See, I've been telling Mom we need to take her to the vet for a couple of months now. And Mom has continually said "Yeah, we do. I'll call them" and then not called. So I will do it, because Belle is old enough to be spayed now (almost 10 months. *snif* They grow so fast!), and we want to get that done as soon as possible given the number of dogs that love to roam about our neighborhood unmonitored (and her apparent ease in escaping the yard). I also KNOW she's due for shots, way overdue in some cases (which is why this is driving me nuts).Fortunately, I know Mom will most likely pay for it, since a combination of paying for textbooks, barely working any hours due to school, and paying to convince a tow truck not to take Nicole's car** has rather whittled down my funds.

Smiley Waving Guy is back. At the corner opposite our church, there used to be a guy, scraggly reddish hair, usually in a rainbow tie-dye or otherwise brightly colored shirt with a religious slogan on it. He'd stand at the corner, outside a little stop-n-rob store, and wave at passing cars. Occasionally he'd shake things up by calling out "Jesus love you!" and "Have a nice day!" It's possible he's got some sort of psychiatric condition or some degree of  mental retardation, and he seemed quite harmless. I never even saw him try to approach cars stopped at the light or try to solicit money, just waving, smiling, and being nice. Then he vanished. I don't remember when, I only know that it hit me at one point when I came back from San Antonio - he was gone. The corner was empty. No one smiling and waving. Maybe he just wasn't there when I was. But a few days ago he was back, this time bearing a sign saying that Jesus loves us all.

Okay, I've never had this before. The cough-gag. Wherein you are coughing a bit, just your average, every-day clearing-of-the-phlegm cough, and then all of a sudden something in the back of your throat twitches, causing your body to go "GAGGING ENGAGED, CAP'N!" and then you suddenly find yourself making that telltale "HWOARKBLAGGHHH" as you try to figure out why the hell you're suddenly mid-upchuck, when mere seconds ago you were clearing your throat. I'm sure the confused, bleary-eyed look on my face after I regain my composure is pure comedy gold.

Every argument I have with Gabriel ends like this:
takethemoneyrun: Oh yeah? Well, at least I have real friends!
jenni_the_odd: *(fake) SOB*
Yeah, apparently he doesn't think you lot count. Sorry. :(

*I know, I know, suits should not ever - ever - be iridescent/shiny OR magenta, but his was BOTH and managed to be hot. How, I do not know. Izzard defies a number of the laws of nature regarding attractiveness.
**She and a friend went to a club. She made the mistake of parking behind Denny's, which then made good on it's non-customer towing threats that are probably posted about with signs, as they are everywhere. So she rang me up and the tow truck guy got his money and she got to drive away instead of having to wait and pay more to get her car in a few days.

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