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I don't understand why people make icons with ittybitty text (usually song lyrics). I mean, what's the point of having a clever/meaningful icon if no one can read it?
Or maybe everyone else can and I'm just going blind.
It occurs to me that I'd have to kill myself if I ever went completely or even mostly blind. I would be cut off from everyone but my family (I loves me some internets), wouldn't be able to draw, and to be honest the biggest thing keeping me from being Queen of the Angstbuckets (see Year 1 of this LJ for a proper reference there, and note the difference) is I very deliberately make myself look for beauty everywhere I can. Basically, I stare at everything, and everyone, and I love everyone WAY more than I should because of it and I am almost constantly distracted because avoiding periods of deep thought is absolutely crucial to maintaining the mindset. But it's cheaper and less objectionable to me than taking medication, and the alternative is being so wangsty that I piss off myself, so yeah. And if I couldn't see... the descent into Angstbucketry would be all kinds of rapid, lemme tell ya.
And nobody likes that.

Valentine's Day is soon and it is depressing me. Not in the usual "wah, I lessthanthree __________ but he does not care and/or is too far away/is with someone else" or plain old "wah, I am without a relationship" sort of way. I cannot describe it, and I do not really want to deal with the introspective analyzation that would go along with trying to figure it out. So I will leave it at a sort of shifty, restless, not-right depressing feeling.

I am still trying to figure out why scorpio9574 always winds up taking off his clothes when he's at our house. Must be something in the water. Or seekrit lust for Gabriel*.

Weird, yet Amusing Feelings:
- Standing around the kitchen as my mother, takethemoneyrun, and my youngest sister clap to the beat while scorpio9574 sings the Lotion Song.
- Standing in line at Randall's with 8 2-liter bottles of root beer, 6 jars of pineapple ice cream topping, 6 jars of strawberry ice cream topping, and 8 lbs of ground beef. I told the woman behind me I was on a very unique diet**.
- Singing the Mountain 'o Bacon song with Nicole.
- Making the trout that lives in my car sing the Lotion Song to Alex all the way to his friends house until he nearly pees himself from laughter and terror.
- Having to write "I SWEAR THIS ISN'T PORN" on a sketchbook page because the outlines of people don't have clothes on yet, and the looks I'm receiving are getting weirder.

The Sexiest Man in the Morgue - hell yes. Mmmmgeek.

... dop-ba dooo-geek, doobeedoppadoo-*BRICKED*

*omg theirloveissoabsolutelyterrifyingandweird!
**I was in fact obtaining foodstuffs for a church banquet. I do not think I could eat 8 lbs of ground beef even if I tried really really hard for an entire week. But the look on her face was priceless.

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