The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

The cute Korean girl in my accounting class was absolutely fascinated by my hair yesterday. It was less frizzy than usual (because, as I discovered while dressing myself, I'd not washed out the conditioner well enough. Meep), which means... well, first I must explain how I put up my hair. I twist it all into one long rope, pull up, fold it over, then fold it again (sort of like accordian folds) then clip the mess. Someday I'll draw a diagram. But there is usually a little left over from the folding that flops over the top of the clip and tends to curl in ringlets (or one big curl, if I don't mess with it). This is apparently amazing. What confuses me is that I wear it like this every day, and she sits next to me for an hour a day, three days a week. Huh.

After getting gas this afternoon, I pulled up at a stoplight next to a car full of what looked to be roughly 20 year-old guys. My windows were down because I tend to drive with them down unless it is bitterly cold or raining. Theirs were down as well. They spotted me and immediately the guy in the passenger seat starts almost yelling about how "DUDE, I WAS DATING THIS CHICK AND I TOTALLY FUCKED HER IN THE ASS! YEAH! TOTALLY! IN THE ASS! FUCKED THIS CHICK RIGHT IN THE FUCKIN' ASS!" while his friends kept glancing in my direction. They were expecting, I suppose, a blush, or look of discomfort, or perhaps even for me to scold them. I smiled sweetly and said "Nice try!"
The one in the backseat looked disappointed. But really. You're how old now, and 'I fucked some girl in the ass' is the most obscene thing you can come up with to yell for the benefit of neighboring cars? Bitch, please.
Edit: He was not saying he'd fucked me in the ass. Just some girl. This hurled the statement from "WTF!?!?!"land into Laaaaaame territory. It also greatly reduced the proper number of snappy comebacks.

Things like this make me want to be a teacher. I'd so make my students do that. Only my class would do the Numa Dance BETTER. I would grade them on it.

The Hitchhiker's movie? So excited. I like how it looks in the trailers, I like that Adams actually paticipated in the screenplay, and I might even leave the house to go see it (*gasp*) when it is out in theaters. Yes. It is exciting enough to make me go out in public. Not many movies earn that distinction.

My computer mouse is having seizures, regardless of the surface it's put on or how much I struggle to make sure every speck of dust is removed from it. It apparently did so for most of last night... And it is becoming very, very annoying. Methinks a new one is in order.

Rrrr. Was just treated to another five minutes of the mouse spazzing out on me. Off to CompUSA.

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