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Gabe and I are going to Hell for the following (keep in mind, this is just today's sermon):
  • Giggling like schoolgirls every time the preacher says Jesus 'came out'. I swear he must have used that exact phrase fourteen times today. It was apparently the only synonym he could find for 'Jesus arose'.
  • "RHEEZUS?" preacher: And then he appeared among them, and the disciples were frightened - they thought he was a ghost!
    Me, Very Quietly: "So lets see who Jesus really is! Hey! It's old man McGinnis, owner of the Jerusalem Fun House!"
    Gabe: "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling disciples!"
  • SMASH BROADWAY HIT! Altering the lyrics of "Thriller" for the undead Jesus. The perfect Easter melody, I am sure.
  • BABIES EVERYWHERE! Paying more attention to the baby making really weird faces two pews in front of us than to the preacher. The baby was still very small and wrinkly, and looked a lot like Gabe does in the morning.
  • Yeah. Calling the itty-bitty cups of grape juice for communion "Jesus shots".
    There were more, but I've forgotten. We're horrible, horrible children.

    *Gabe drops a spoon on the floor while drying it, I am washing dishes*
    Me: FAILURE!
    Gabe: *fake sobs*
    Me: It is the cousin of the Icy Hand of Death - the Dripping Hand of Failure! *finger-wiggles*
    Gabe: Noooo!
    Me: And their lesser-known friend, the Moist Hand of Slight Annoyance!
    Gabe: And then there's the Damp Hand of Only Getting Socks at Christmas!

    We no longer just tell or ask someone to do something (say, wash the dishes), we instead croak: "IT WASHES THE DISHES OR IT GETS THE HOSE!"
    This works best on Gabriel, but we all make the :[ face when it is directed at us. It is a wonderful thing.

    Today I handed my dad a piece of candy, saying "Father of mine, on this illustrious day of your birth (also, Easter), I give to you this chocolate ducky in a sailor hat." He smiled.
    It probably says something about my family that immediately I ran to Nicole and Gabe, excitedly near-shouting "I MADE DAD DISPLAY EMOTION!"

    jenndolari: It's Naked Thursday all over again!
    jenni_the_odd: Hooray!
    jenni_the_odd: Man, I need to redraw that picture with the new kids.
    jenndolari: :D
    jenndolari: Considering that your site hasn't updated since 2002, I think it would make a GREAT front page. :)
    jenni_the_odd: Hah!
    jenni_the_odd: "NUDITY! Also, some new people.

    ... NAKED people!"

    Okay, I swear I'm not imagining it. Everyone is filled with lovey-dovey feelings. My friendslist is swarming with people gushing over their significant others, both new and old. Where did all this romance come from?
    Must be spring...
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