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A trip to bravostuff will let you see the Happy-Dance. It is a thing of beauty. Trust me.
Until Steven does it, then the pelvic thrusts are just mentally and emotionally traumatizing.

That is what a thumbnail page looks like. Well, part of one. About half, I think. Scanned at an odd angle.

It is also from the thumbnail for page 80, which is significant for two reasons:
(a) I am waaaay past the 50-page mark. Hell, I am approaching the 100-page mark, and may actually pass it by the time the current little story arc is done with*. Soon I will need a second sketchbook for the thumbnails. I have already bought it, and it is sitting, pristine and virginal, awaiting my pleasure.
(b) The story is JUST NOW hitting the first day of school. At this rate, I would not be at all surprised if the finished comic winds up at over several thousand pages in total. This scares me, because MY GOD, that is EPIC. Also scares me because what if my drawing style (inevitably) changes from start to finish? What happens then? Do I go back and redraw the first pages? What if I feel the need to rewrite them? What if I find out, midway through the 841st page, that I've written myself into a corner that I started constructing three hundred pages ago? What if writer's block hits halfway through the story?

... You see what I'm doing, here? This is why I never accomplish anything. I "What-if" myself half to death. But the prospect is terrifying to me. It's an obligation, one that could easily span years. One that probably wouldn't be easy to pick up again if I dropped it. Eeek.

*A number of you reading this have comics that span nearly a thousand pages. I know kobold hit 1000 recently. Others have been comicking for a helluva lot longer than I have (or have at least been more productive), and while your individual projects might not be epic, the sum total of your works is enormous. The longest I've stuck with a project before hitting a slump or deciding to redraw it? Twenty-nine pages. That was with ML the first time. TWENTY-NINE. To me, the fact that I hit 80 thumbnails is mind-boggling.

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