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OMG WHOLPHIN. That's right. I do not think this creature could BE any more adorable. Sweet JESUS. It's like a fat, slightly brownish little dolphin. You can't not love it.

Blue Sky's tea sodas own me now. Especially the pomegranate and lime flavors. Delicious. Also, really pretty cans. Even if I do have to go to the Damned Dirty Hippie StoreWhole Foods to get them*.

For those of you who have said to yourself "Self", you've said: "I wonder what the full thumbnail pages for ML look like", well, here is your answer. Also here, another page. Click on it for the bigger, almost-readable version. My handwriting is awful, but that page amuses me. I probably ought to scan in one of the pages I actually *like*, but they tend to be less funny.

I have Mysterious Cuts on my elbows. No idea where they came from.

*Actually, I love the Damned Dirty Hippie StoreWhole Foods, but make myself avoid it, for it is an expensive place. Keep in mind I'm the person who managed to accidentally follow a vegan diet for a while. That's right. Accidentally. Vegan. Now all I need to do is start growing my own organic vegetable garden** and quit bathing so much.
**I actually do want to grow my own vegetables. :(

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