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Ever sit down and suddenly been totally unable to concentrate? Yeah. That happened during my math final. More accurately, THIS happened:

"OkaygaussjordanIknowgaussjordanwhosehere?Theroomlooksfulloopsprofisstaringatmebettercheckworkwhat'sgaussjordan, whydon'tIremembergaussjordanokayokayokay, threetimestwelvethreetimestwelvethreethreethreesixnne. Ilikethenumbernineniiiinenineninenineeightyonesixthousandfivehundredsixtyoneeightyoneniine. Betterskipthatoneokayokayohlookmyhandisshakingackhe'sstaringatmesorryguyIdon'tknowyourname, Idon'tknowanyone'snameIprobablyshouldhavetriedtolearnsomeone'snamethissemester, okayokaygottafocus, gottafocusokaymaximizingIthinkIrememberthat, okayokayokaysixdividedbytwelveistwonoonehalfonehalf, idiotokay..."*
What the hell, brain? I mean, really, what the HELL? I hadn't had any caffeine or sugar. There was absolutely no reason for me to be unable to (a) sit still or (b) focus on anything. Grrrrrrrrrrr.  I did better on the last test than I thought I did (by about twenty points), but after this I wouldnt' be surprised if I wound up with a 'D' semester average. Shit. At least I was mostly calm for the economics final, not that it did me a whole lot of good. I think maybe one person passed in that class, though I was up there. Probably third or fourth in the class (meaning that had I done perfectly on the final, I might have passed the course. Everyone else is in 30's territory). This has taught me to (a) study more and (b) avoid that professor. I like him well enough, but his teaching style and my learning style (along with everyone else's) did not mesh in the slightest. He managed to make the book more confusing when we asked questions. It must be a gift. It really grates that I will need to take that class over, though. REALLY grates. Mostly because it means I'll probably have to wait another semester before trying to transfer to U of H.

We have a detergent emergency. DETERGENCY! If the need becomes dire, will it be a Deturgency? I am going to stop now. And go to the store for detergent and dog food.

*This should actually be one line without real pauses or spaces, but it occurred to me that doing so would probably murder a few friends pages.

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