The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Sweet JAYZUS, that was awesome. I was actually thrashing around worrying that they weren't going to get Nick in time.
Nick singing was adorable. Just adorable.
That was the CREEPIEST CRIME SCENE, EVER. I mean, in the meta-world Nick would have gone "Hmmm. Empty, creepy-looking, poorly lit parking lot. I think I'll stay riiiight here next to Vomit McPukesalot and his nice loaded gun until his innards are done expelling themselves."
Sarah looked like she was going to cry when they first saw the webcam feed. I seriously thought she was going to burst into tears. Hell, even Grissom looked a few tics away from curling up into a ball and whimpering for a good long while. The cast doesn't get many opportunities to really emote, and they did a damned fine job with it here.
I almost cried when he recorded his goodbye. I wonder what he did with the tape? I'm not even a fanficcer for this series and already I can imagine a thousand "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I THOUGHT YOU WOULD DIE SEX NOW" Warrick/Nick fics starting out with one or the other of them finding that tape at some point down the road.
The ants. OH GOD, the ants. I already have a problem with prickly skin - I feel like bugs are on me a lot of the time when they're not - and that made it a thousand times worse. *shudder*
Also, the bit with Doc. Robbins and David the Coroner? Within ten seconds Emma and I had both yelled "DREAM SEQUENCE!" and were laughing our asses off in spite of ourselves. I mean, come ON. The CHAINSAW.
Grissom's last line. "I want my guys back". You know Ecklie's gonna give 'em back, too.
Speaking of Ecklie, holy crap, when did he grow a soul? He went from being a two-dimensional snake in the first seasons to actually caring about people - his attempt to get the ransom money, futile as it may have been, was touching.
I wonder how this is going to affect Nick in the next however-many-more-seasons-CSI-has-before-it-starts-getting-shitty-or-just-ends. I mean, he's been stalked, held at gunpoint, and now kidnapped and fucking buried alive. I'm pretty sure he's gone through more undeserved job-related shit than any of the other CSIs. That's gotta get to even a good 'ol boy like Nick after a while.
I love that it was George Eads - one of the people who had contract issues at the beginning of the season - whose character almost died. Fans everywhere were wondering if maybe his contract was up now, and they really WERE gonna kill off Nicky. Thumbs up to the writers. And bloody, gory kisses to Quentin Tarantino.

Watching drama like that is NOT good for my characters - makes me wanna kill off or hurt the minor-but-loved ones just to make the others suffer. Christina seems to be my ML target of choice... Very much an essential part of the cast after a while, but not so essential that they couldn't get by without her. Hmmmmmmmmm (Oh god, I am evil).

[Now, lots of space so if anyone not wanting a cut comments, they aren't inadvertantly treated to my opinions.]

Sadly, only Emma, Dad, Belle, and I got to see the finale - our DVR (TiVo-esque thingy for recording) ran out of space an hour and 24 minutes into CSI without giving us any warnings. It did this before, but it warned us before it reached the point of actually having no space. Not this time. Hell, it didn't even let us know when it stopped recording - still had the little red light on and everything. So, since the last half hour is kind of necessary, Mom, Gabe, Nicole, Claudia, and Gato will all just have to wait until the DVD comes out and we buy it like the crime scene junkies we are.

Have not seen Star Wars. Am debating whether or not to do so at all, despite good reviews for it. I probably will, late at night and alone, in a month or so. That is how I see movies. Rarely. :D

Have shelled out the money to buy a new pen for the tablet. Am wondering if I could convince the parental units that spending <$100 on a scanner would be a decent investment cleverly disguised as a birthday gift. I don't know that I'll have a lot of time to work once classes start, so my income will dwindle into the Land of Nothingness. UMAX is looking like the best option, if only because numerous people have assured me of excellent quality. Also, if it does in fact suck monkeys, I will be out less money. If the scanner is not so much a possibility, it means that I probably ought to learn to draw straight from tablet to computer. That will be an adventure.
... It occurs to me that this would be a very inopportune time for my much-abused four year-old tablet to kick the bucket. Please stay healthy, tablet. I promise not to let anyone step on you again. I also promise to stop using you as a shield when Gabe throws things.

I have two little pills in my hand that in theory should bring about bleeding from my girlybits. I am supposed to take them. Needless to say, I don't wanna. But I'm gonna. :(

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