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I have 90KB of delicious text file filled with nothing but the script for ML and quotes to be used therein.
Also? Drawing a marching show? Is a BITCH. Just so you know. Everyone's moving in unnatural and strange ways, and everyone's holding instruments and it's a lot of people very strategically placed and AUGH. Hate. Just filled with hate.

Dad seemed to like the jazz CDs. He spent almost half an hour chatting about music with my grandparents - and when my father talks about anything for half an hour, he's in a pretty good mood.

I like sharp cheddar cheese. I get a small bowl and put some shredded sharp cheddar in it and eat it one tiny little piece at a time. It is delicious.

driftingfocus mentioned how she doesn't enjoy her job mainly because she's forced to interact with customers almost constantly.
It's occurred to me lthat I love cashiering and customer service jobs because I'm forced to interact with customers - on a 100% superficial level. They never know me, they probably never even hear my name when I say it or read it on my name tag. I'm a faceless entity that gives them what they want, or tells them why they can't have it.
And then they leave, and it's transferred to the next person in line. I never have to learn a thing about them, I never have to worry about them, I never have to love them. The instant they walk out the door or hang up the phone the focus of my world shifts away from doing everything I can to help them, to forgetting all about them and moving on. There's never time to sit and wallow in negative feelings or even address how I might feel on that particular day. I never have to examine my feelings towards a customer and determine if our relationship is unhealthy for either of us, or if I'm okay with it.
In many ways, it's a freedom I wish I had in a huge number of my relationships, and it's probably why the jobs where I was busy almost all the time were my favorites and had the best effects on me. My brain runs on a cheery autopilot and I'm not once forced to examine my thoughts because I'm too busy filing this or writing that appointment down or stocking this shelf or fetching that for a customer who called.
That's why I strongly suspect my job at TAS kept me sane through much of my junior year of high school. Or at least, it staved off most of whatever-it-was for a while. Even if I was the youngest employee, the only one who didn't drink or smoke or go to clubs, the only one who didn't make 'real' art (just crappy cartoonish things), even if I never felt like I quite fit in... it was a break from having to be myself. And that's all that mattered.

... Well, the money was nice, too. :D

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