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I aM tOrGo. I tAkE cArE oF tHe PlAcE wHiLe ThE mAsTeR iS aWaY.

All right. Now I just gotta figure out how to make this into a proper LJ layout. Will be attempting to figure it out on another account, so as not to bork up my settings on this one (which have not changed in many years, and of which I have grown rather fond). My HTML and CSS skills are pathetically rusty. The last time I really made a webpage was over two years ago, for the ML site redesign that never really went anywhere.

By the time I went to bed last night, the back-twinge had settled down to a low dull ache when I moved. Not bad at all. I distinctly remember wiggling around at some point last night and thinking "Hey, my back doesn't hurt bad enough for me to wake up. Score."
Then I DID wake up, and it went "Oh, no. No, no no."
Then I bent over to get my shoes and it went "FUCK YOO MANG!"
So that was fun. Also, Aleve on an empty tummy causes one hell of a stomachache. Reading the bottle, it mentions stomach bleeding. Joy. I doubt it helps matters that I take a minimum of four at a time, never remember to eat or drink breakfast, and have a rather acidic stomach region to start with. Darwin does not like me, and I had to continually remind myself that consuming the entire bottle would be a bad idea. Wouldn't kill me (well, I'm 99.9% sure), but would definitely fuck up my ability to take the Accounting test without distraction.

And I really didn't need distraction.
Okay, so the grade I got on my first Accounting test wasn't great. It was well into the 'passing' area, but not as high as I'd hoped for. So I said to myself "Self, we have two and a half to three hours every day between the time BCIS lets out and Accounting starts. It shall be used for STUDY! In the LIBRARY!" And so it was. So I had all the homework completed (even some problems that weren't assigned), notes all over the place, and I could probably quote you passages from the textbook. It doesn't alwaus make a whole lot of sense to me, but I can repeat it. Checking my answers, I tended to get the final totals correct (when I wasn't switching around numbers all over the place, as my brain is so fond of doing) but even I'm not sure how I got them. It sure as hell never looked like how the book did.
But, yes. Lots of studying, done homework, general preparation. Brain crammed full of accounting, calculator at the ready. Took the test.
Made five points lower than previously. Still passing, but not by much.
I hate Accounting. I hate it so, so much.

At least I have an 'A' in BCIS. Then again, if I didn't, I'd probably have to kill myself from shame.

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